First, let's be careful about how we conceptualize existence. It is crucial to remember that race is not a fixed state of being but an experience of being. Sex is not a fixed state of being but an experience of being. Race is a vehicle of being, a vehicle for experience. Sex is a vehicle of being, a vehicle for experience. Until we human beings understand this, we'll never begin to cunderstand and comprehend the laws of cosmic justice and cosmic responsibility.

And second, each person must remember that everybody has a worldview, Everybody! Be honest about it. Out of what or out of whose world view are you operating? Ask yourself that. Everybody has behavior characteristics and behavior patterns and attitudes. What I mean, for example, is: Do you see the mountain as a challenge or obstacle? Do you live mostly a chance-determined life (and teach or impart the same to your children!) allowing life mostly to operate upon you, or do you work through systems that will give you greater advantage to operate upon life? Are you sitting waiting for a liberator or are you participating in the liberating process? The way you answer these questions will help you to understand something about your own worldview, and more than that, about your own identity.

Your worldview determines your behavior and attitudes, so don't say you don't have a worldview because you certainly have behavior and attitudes. You can't get by nor through that! So you might as well fess up. The important thing is that we can change, we can improve our worldviews, and consequently we can change our behavior. And if you can change your behavior you can change your destiny. Bit by bit and sometimes by leaps and bounds you can! Let me end with the quotation from Anthem of the Decades, the very great book of Zulu wisdom: "Whoever abandons his home still travels with his pain. / Our greatness forbids us to flee from adversity. / The secret of life lies in the errors we commit; / Those who fail are also those who can rise by their courage."
-African Americans in the New Millennium, Blueprinting The Future, Erskine Peters, page 106


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Original Post
Thank you for this very interesting post Teo.
I have always considered all being as equals, and I think if we want to survive in this world we need to adapt to whatever comes our way.

I will come and read this post again later. Great topic.

Sue Cat Cat2
Dear Teo,
This is a very interesting and meaningful post.
I hope that I have a realistic worldview and that I am able to contribute something nice to the earth. I am going to think about all this a little more.

Vicky 2Hearts
Thank you for the post Teo.

Mistakes and failures are learning experiences. They allow us to deal and adapt to changes that we have to deal with in our lives.

Thank you for this very interesting and complex post. This gives me something to think about.

I am not sure about my worldviews, but like Sue I have never felt any differencece between people, regarding the color or race; the thought has never entered my mind that all people are not the same, for that matter, I feel that all living beings have an equal right to share the earth.

As far as adapting to changes, I have always had to adapt to a new environment, the change of seasons, and even now, with the work I do there are changes in techniques and materials all the time. If we do not adapt to change we cannot survive, especially in the world today.

I have to give all this a little more thought. One could discuss this post probably all day, especially if one does not use ones own mind to think, but gets influenced by other people's views, or follows some sort of mass hysteria which is very destructive in the long run.

Thanks for the brainteaser...hahaha Idea Laughing Bang Googly Wall Confused

Anthem of the Decades, the very great book of Zulu wisdom: "Whoever abandons his home still travels with his pain. / Our greatness forbids us to flee from adversity. / The secret of life lies in the errors we commit; / Those who fail are also those who can rise by their courage."
Food for thought here, dear Teo, yes. I would say we are on the way, but we move slowly ... only slowly towards the awareness that we CAN CHANGE AND MEND ALL THE INJUSTICES PERPETUATED DAILY ... Life is a divine gift and Earth is our temporary home, why do we waste time and energies in fighting against each other, instead of working for peace and harmony?

I find it is difficult to remain optimistic regarding the future, because we are bombarded daily by horror news, that show how divided we still are, how the gap between the rich and the poor is still enormous, how men still have great difficulty in accepting differencies, instead of looking at them as a source of enrichment. But we won't give up! We shall move towards harmony and peace, by contributing to the process with our worldview and consequently with our behaviour and attitudes.

Moving on, with love!

Love and Harmony,
Margherita Smile

May all the children of the world smile happily like these ... all we need is love!
Thank you, dear Teo. A very thought provoking post. I know I haven't perfected my woldview, it seems to be a continual process. But Life has a way of providing me with the opportunities I need to continue that process, so I have hope that one day, my immediate, kneejerk reactions will match my Higher Truth. Meanwhile, I just try to make sure I act according to that Higher Truth.

May there come a day when we ALL see with the vision of Eagle.


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Thank you for this meaningful post.

I hope that my worldview is beneficial to all the beings on the earth.

I try to think with my own brain, and not be influenced by others, but sometimes I fail, so I gently try to bring myself back to my inner self and try to listen to what it has to say.



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That is exactly how I feel. It is difficult to keep the stereotypes we hear every day from influencing us. I hate it when I react (even just inside where nobody sees) in a prejudiced manner. I know better. And yet, when I least expect it, it sneaks back in. Usually, because I have allowed myself to get so caught up in my day-to-day physical reality, that I lose sight of my spiritual self. So, I just keep trying. Slowly but surely, perfecting my world view.
Dear Susan,

I also get caught, often enough, in the same web as yoko and you. We just have to keep trying and do our best.


It takes a whole day for a bowl of water to become still enough to reflect your face, but only one shake to make it so agitated that it reflects nothing. In the same way the human spirit is hard to clarify and easy to agitate.

Lao Tzu


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The Transcendentalists and the Zulus share a similar notion as is embodied in the Law of Compensation which has life as a learning experience.

The buddhist doctrine of no self would have us focusing on awareness rather than the preconceived idea. While some of us may feel that we are a variety of "self" ever evolving, when we look deeper into what we are we find ourselves even abandoning the idea of self.

I think the area of agreement among all treading all spiritual paths is that idea of trial and error.

Teilhard de Jardin many peoples' favorite Jesuit Scholar who nearly got excommunicated from the Church for his paleontology which included more than a hint of recognizing evolution is someone I also think of as indicating just how we are evolving from megamolecular sea bottom stuff into wise almost etherial beings who may even find life in some form outside of physical matter and that part of our experience we call life as we know it. We don't need to project what that will be, only to continue.

If we are evolving from stuff dating back to billions of years before human life as we know it, but can't see that we all must have a connection to all that stuff of that time when the planets and the cosmic goo from whence they coagulated were formed, how can we expect to evolve individually?

That idea of individual evolution has to be the emphasis not only in our personal spiritual lives but should be extended to be the basis of all education.

It already is in good schools in most places without regard to nation or state - and there will be an effort to offer an ability to each child to develop a sense of growing into an evolving world which is as Teilhard de Chardin said, is either diverging, synthesizing, or groping. The latter is the trail and error part of it.

After that we hang together, are hanged separately, etcetera. There is both a Fritz Perls rule and its inverse that I consider too in the realm of a positive world view based on unselfish awareness - that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

The inverse Perls rule is that a band is as good as the worst player in the group.

That's both the synthesis and the diversification part in a metaphor.

Namaste all ye creatures of light!


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Last edited by yogionefromobie
Thank you again for the post.
It is a joy to look back at some of the really wise old posts on givnology.

Those who fail are also those who can rise by their courage."

Vicky 2Hearts

Welcome kali.
It is very nice to see you on Givnology.

Thank you Vicky for bringing back another beautiful old post. It would be sad to forget these words of wisdom.

Anthem of the Decades, the very great book of Zulu wisdom: "Whoever abandons his home still travels with his pain. / Our greatness forbids us to flee from adversity. / The secret of life lies in the errors we commit; / Those who fail are also those who can rise by their courage."



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Last edited by yoko
Originally posted by dear kali:
Hi!! this is a really nice change our perspectives ..we can change our world..

Beautifully said! Clap

and... a heartfelt


great 2 c u!

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Far...) CoolDance CoolDance

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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