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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
Originally posted by waynewilson:
[QB]You Are an Inspiration: Don't Ever Forget

Your presence is a gift to the world,
You're unique and one of a kind.
Your life can be what you want it to be -
Take it one day at a time.

Count your blessings, not your troubles,
And you'll make it through what comes along.
Within you are so many answers,
Understand, have courage, be strong.

Don't put limits on yourself,
Your dreams are waiting to be realized.
Don't leave your important decisions to chance -
Reach for your peak, your goal, and your prize.

Nothing wastes more energy than worrying -
The longer a problem is carried, the heavier it gets.
Don't take things too seriously -
Live a life of serenity, not a life of regrets.

Remember that a little love goes a long way -
Remember that a lot goes forever.
Remember that friendship is a wise investment,
Life's treasures are people ... together.

Have health and hope and happiness,
Take the time to wish on a star.
And don't ever forget for even a day...
How very special YOU are!



May you find yourself in the world, and may you enjoy the company.
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Dear Teo,

Thank you for posting Waynewilson's illuminating and inspiring message.

Each one of us is unique, and therefore we have something unique to offer the world. Let us use our talents and gifts to the maximum.

Let us look at our failures as learning experiences, stepping stones to our ultimate goal.

May we always remain postive and aspire to live our greatest dream.

Worrying does not change anything, it only wastes energy that could be used to create wonderful things.

Let us remember unity consciousness and share our love with all beings.

Teo and are both very unique and extra special beings!!

Much love and happiness to you both, Inda

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