Why the World Doesn't End

I heard Michael Meade this morning on Bioneers, it was so refreshingly inspiring!

http://huffingtonpost.com/michael-meade-dhl Why the World Doesn't End

Despite the increasing intensity of natural disasters and the growing threat of cultural catastrophes, the real issue is not the literal end of the world. In mythic terms, ends and beginnings are essentially connected and one keeps leading to the other as the eternal drama and ongoing mystery of life continues to unfold and the world keeps renewing itself. In the bible story the fires of apocalypse eventually lead to a time of renewal. As with most systems of timekeeping, the ancient Mayan calendar comes to an end and time turns over and it begins to count the days again.

The point is not to become nihilistic or cynical, not to be overly fearful or believe in one or another end-time scenario. The point is to recognize the archetypal ground of extremes, the surprising and unpredictable territory where things both end and begin again. To be alive at this time is to enter a "liminal" state, a betwixt and between condition that occurs when an era comes to an end, when many things are ending and everything seems about to fall apart. Yet, it is in the middle of the darkest times when things secretly begin again..


Many other truly wonderful stories are there as well. Thanks Michael!

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*,

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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Thank you Teo for this information.
Hopefully the world will not end, but it is certainly changing in every way.


From Michael Meade:

To be alive at this time means to be exposed to great uncertainty and to feel the raw forces of nature as well as the rough edges and sharp divisions of culture. It is not simply that the air has become dangerously polluted and overheated, or that the political atmosphere is increasingly poisonous and destructive. We live amidst rapid changes, increasing fears and devastating tragedies. We suffer increasing extremes that include extreme weather patterns as well as religious and political extremists. The world is awash with profound problems and puzzling changes. Anyone can become an extremist at any moment as everyone becomes increasingly exposed to all kinds of irrational influences, raw emotions, archaic energies, and disturbing fantasies.
Thank you Teo.
We are living in turbulent times.

This season, when the darkness seems to grow deeper around us, may be the time to gather often with candles marking prayers for the future and help tip the scales towards peace and greater understanding.

Michael Meade

Thank you Teo.

I hope that the world will survive all the things that we are doing to it. Everythig seems magnified at the moment, the temperature, the flooding, earthquakes and etc. The Earth has survived a lot of things throughout the centuries, so maybe it manages to deal with all the current things.


It seems that nothing that begins again is nice .I guess the dark ages of the world are beginning once more in an era where we should be much more intelligent, but respect and compassion have flown away from the planet invading other galaxies that want none of our activities.

I hope this planet will survive with all the mess that we are creating. There seems no end to the problem. Humans are getting very aggressive and incredibly selfish which does not help the situation.



This season, when the darkness seems to grow deeper around us, may be the time to gather often with candles marking prayers for the future and help tip the scales towards peace and greater understanding.

Michael Meade

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