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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

Feng Shui, the ancient system of environmental placement, sees the world as completely alive with everything, including buildings, streets and property, interconnected in a dynamic relationship that affects everything we experience. The growing popularity of Feng Shui is the direct result of the extraordinary effects it can have in peoples' lives.

This includes improved health, more rewarding relationships, and an increase in happiness and prosperity. Whether you wish to transform your home into a personal paradise, your office into a powerhouse of creativity, or you are searching for a rewarding new career path, the Western School of Feng Shui can light your way.

There are excellent LINKS, images, quotes, ideas in the site, and well, basically EXCELLENT FENG SHUI! he he..

May our sharing of enlightening, positive web sites be useful, and fun! And so it is.

Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul...) Love2 sweety Colors Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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I'm most of the way back after intense computer feng shui.

Quicktime 7 runs both X and Classic 9 on one license. I wish they'd tell you that on the support site. They only say your license will be erased on your earlier version. They neglect to say you have to throw it out on Classic 9 and not to repace the old version six license which halfway works and stops the new one. The frustration is the old one has some features that are lost in the new version.

I'm working on replacing "real" sys9. Classic 9 has no cojones. The housecleaning metaphor does apply. Cojones has a place too.

My dear friend Leslie Moore used to say that every item in a household should have a place where it goes. (Good ol' Les' is Moore). Could she ever bake a pie and leave the kitchen sparkling!

Now that our houses have all these extra rooms in cyberspace we have to pick up the dirty laundry arange all the furniture and make sure we don't trip on anything when going from room to room there too.

Don't forget (if you're a linguist) it's pronounced "fung schweee" not "Fung schway!" Fan
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Thank you Teo for the nice post.

Feng shui is related to the very sensible notion that living with rather than against nature benefits both humans and our environment. It is also related to the equally sensible notion that our lives are deeply affected by our physical and emotional environs. If we surround ourselves with symbols of death, contempt and indifference toward life and nature, with noise and various forms of ugliness, we will corrupt ourselves in the process. If we surround ourselves with beauty, gentleness, kindness, sympathy, music and various expressions of the sweetness of life, we ennoble ourselves as well as our environment.


It is nice to open a door to an interior that resonates with harmony


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Originally posted by yogionefromobie:
Now that our houses have all these extra rooms in cyberspace we have to pick up the dirty laundry arange all the furniture and make sure we don't trip on anything when going from room to room there too.

It's also simply good netiquite!

I guess George Clinton plays "Funk Shooey!" he he.. RaisedBrows

Great quote, site, and image dear Inda!

click for REAL BIG informative one!

Love and light (messes) being, Teo DO Asian Asian

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Good links.

The buddhists say that some folks use pretty things to decorate the interior of their own prisons. The buddhists have a point. Sometimes it can be true, and you'll feel it when you enter the door of a house or a room. Or it could be the experience of subjective reality.

Sometimes you enter the house of a friend and you know you are entering a temple. That could be subjective too. I know I've entered actual temples and felt a bit uncomfortable there.

Rogues there are in religious orders. Medicinal plants grow on the same hills as poisonous ones. It's all relative and largely in the eye of the beholder. It's good to have a sense of what's what and it's not all subjective. Watch out that stuff is poison ivy.

A smiling homeless person covered with tattoos of demons and skulls could be very effectively arranging all the furniture of his troubled mind and spirit on his skin. The skin could be the only room in his "house" - given he is a houseless person. Exterior decoration is part of it too, if clothes don't make the man.

The Tibetans visualize wrathful dieties on their exterior in certain meditation practices, wearing their wrathful natures like a coat of mail to ward off illusion. It doesn't require ink to do that.

Ink ink a bottle of ink. Who am I to judge?

It's a good thing the smile is part of the wall decoration of the street urchin. How is that cheerful disposition within such a frame possible - if you knew of that character's history and what adversity he may have experienced?

Baby it's cold outside.

The more fortunate must count their blessings. Cheer for the cheerful whatever skin they are in. Be thankful for walls and a ceiling.

I'm thankful to Mastsumi Kanemitsu for giving me a portfolio of prints and ink washes.

The fog here in SF is nature's way of arranging the clouds for a balance of shadow and light.

Netiquette is a good thing. So is jes' plain etiquette. The cab driver's union in NY's motto is "it's nice to be nice" - but are they? Sometimes.

You don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows. Nor do we need a consultant to figure the right position of the head of the bed relative to the door.

Peace in the heart and and open mind are the best decoration of our own interior. N'est-ce pas?

No plan to get a tattoo today.

Thanks for the always cool links to the undiluted uncommercialized pics and points of view.

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Thank you for the post and the links Teo.

Most experts agree that Space Clearing will improve the quality of our lives more effectively than any other Feng Shui technique. Space Clearing quickly cleanses our living or working environment of the negative energies that are responsible for many of the difficulties we experience from day to day.

Sue Cat Cat2
Step 1 - Do as thorough a cleaning and organizing of the space as possible.

Step 2 - Turn off televisions, radios, and as many electrical appliances as possible.

Step 3 - Breathe deeply and fully to help you get centered. Focus your mind on your intention to clear and energize your space.

Step 4 - Place a clean burning, non-paraffin candle in the entryway, and in other key locations throughout the space.

Step 5 - Rock sea salt is cohesive and attracts stagnant energy or "sha chi". Sprinkle a line of salt across the main doorway and each entryway in the space. Also sprinkle a small amount in corners and cluttered areas.

Step 6 - Clapping stirs up stale and stagnant energy. Starting at the main entrance, begin clapping with hands outstretched. Move slowly around the perimeter of the room. Start by squatting close to the floor, and end with your hands over your head. Focus on cluttered areas. Be sure to clap around microwave ovens, computers, televisions, and other electrical equipment. Don't overlook corners. To be very thorough, you may open cabinets and closets and clap inside them as well.

Step 7 - Juniper is well known as a purifying herb. Light a juniper wand, and move slowly around the entire space, saturating the atmosphere with the cleansing smoke. Be sure to include the areas under tables and other furniture, in closets, and around all electronic equipment. Use enough to fully saturate the space.

Step 8 - Begin ringing the tingsha bells or singing bowl at a slow steady rhythm while moving around the space in the same pattern previously established. Move slowly and allow the sound of the bell to fully saturate the entire space.

Step 9 - Extinguish all candles. Collect up all your Space Clearing tools, to be thoughtfully stored and ready for a refresher when needed. It is highly recommended that you leave the rock salt in place for a 24 hour period, or at least as long as possible. Dispose of the salt after use.

You may notice, as you walk through your space, that objects seem to sparkle, colors seem brighter, and rooms seem to have taken on an overall glow. This is the result of successfully clearing out stale, stagnant and negative energy. You are perceiving something, that before now, you might not have thought possible.


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If you are looking to bring joy and happiness into your life, Feng Shui may just be the answer for you.

Feng Shui will...

· Increase intimacy and bring love back into your life,

· Stimulate the money making machine,

· Significantly reduce stress and it's harmful effects on your health,

· Bring more satisfaction into your relationships and work,

· Create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility and restore emotional balance,

· Dramatically improve you clarity of thinking,

· Enhance your communications with loved ones,

· Stimulate creative solutions to every day

· Bring Joy and Happiness to mundane activities,

· Considerably improve your ability to hang on to money,

· Improve your career possibilities,

· Accentuate you reputation,


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For your life to work completely well and in harmony Alltherapy provides Feng Shui, Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing services by incorporating the traditional ancient knowledge and wisdom from Asia for not just your Body, Mind and Spirit but also for your home and place of work.


Gives you a fresh start when you feel stuck in your life.

Helps sell or move from an old home or work to a new place.

Assists the healing process of anyone who is ill.

Removes reoccurring problems and prepare for the new in your life.

Improves peace and tranquility.

Manifests wealth, health, love etc., in your life.

Increases profits in your business.

Increases vitality and productivity.

Improves your relationships and sex life.



It is vital to have good vibrant flow of energy in your home and workplace. Feng Shui is an organised system that enhances and balances the energy flow of your home and office by improving building design, furniture placements, colour schemes and decorative art to make your life work better in absolute union, with remarkable results.


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