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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
Dear Friends,

I am leaving Givnology for a while. I will be going to Hawaii on Friday, January 9th until the end of the month.

I am not taking any cellphones or laptops or anything mechanical with me. I want to absorb the nature and the beauty that is Hawaii.

I will send you some rays of the Hawaiian sun,
and a lot of Aloha.

Until we meet again,
Inda Hula Hula Hula

The most important races
are won in the ocean of the soul.

Hawaiian saying



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The most important races
are won in the ocean of the soul

Dear Inda, I love this Hawaiian saying! Well, do you know, that this is the third time that you take off to Hawaii since we met each other on chopra? January is truly your magical month of freedom!

May you be happy there and melt with Nature's beauty!

We will miss you here, but I do not doubt that every now and then the thought of your friends here will cross your mind ... and heart.

Enjoy every minute to the fullest. Be the artist you are.

Safe trip and God bless.
Loving you, Margherita Smile

Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki


kiss2 Love2 Ladysman RaisedBrows RaisedBrows Nut Tongue

Knowing you will have the most magical trip!


And get away from the digital world!

Army Bang Wiggum Wall Spam Fire DevilTail Area52 Vader

We'll certainly miss you Indra! he he.. Mz. Sabatini that is. egypt Kiss Hula Idea

I'll be hiding behind my computer nerness.. he he.. Hide Typing Razz Ying Yin-yang SystemError Wave2

But we really have you to thank for Givnology's design!

And an angel like Dancing Pearly Margherita for the


Beautiful bouquets!

Fragrant! he he.. 2Hearts 2Hearts 2Hearts 2Hearts

Quantum love and light to you all, Teo Abducted Abducted

Teo's presents: Givnology forums, tradigital music, Third Millennium Thinking, new media

When we appreciate our diversity we have abundance
Dear Inda, YOu have very wonderful art. Sorry to write you on your web page, but I haven't heard from Rene in a few weeks and wondered if you have heard from him. He is pretty good at staying in touch. Let me know at, thank you.

I have a little web page too at jon montoya studio (search google)

Many blessings to you, take care and enjoy the springtime. Wave
Ging again to Hawaii.

Dear friends, I will be gone for the month of January,back to Hawaii where I have travelled for the last 30 years. I will not touch e-mail or cellphones.
Sending you a lot of ALOHA.

"On Hawaiian Time:
I have a term I call Polynesian paralysis.
It is the ability to simply be still and listen
to your heartbeat, to stop and observe a beautiful
rainbow or to watch the dolphins dance with the ocean. I would make this a priority over
getting to a destination on time - the ability of
observation, appreciation and relaxation.
When I arrive at my destination...
I'm much happier."

-Clifford Nae'ole, Cultural Adviser, Maui, Hawai'i


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