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The whole of you

Echoes of your voice
I chase in the night
a lasso I cast in vain
radars my eyes
searching the skies.
In the trail of comets
fragments of you
but my heart aches
for the whole of you.

I call out your name
tall and straight I stand
on the edge of my pain
swallowing my fear.
The crystal clear tones
of this one word song
lift me into hope.
I close my eyes
to feel you within,
roaming on cat paws
across my soul.

Passion rises along
these velvety tracks
and my blood rushes
through veins on alert
my pale skin blushes.
Your voice vibrates anew
I gather all the fragments
dispersed in my disbelief
and, my Love, once more
I touch the whole of you.

Love, Margherita

On a dolphin’s back
I ride my ocean of tears
she giggles me through

senryu by Margherita
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