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Until the 1980's the nine spotted beetle, called the ladybug, was the most common in Ontario's more than 80 native beetle species. It is also found in other provinces and the United States. Now it is almost gone from Ontario and has been listed as an endangered species in Canada.

A new citizen science project has been launched at Cornell (the Lost Ladybug Project) to educate the public on the importance of biodiversity and conservation and to recruit them to join in the effort to document the current status of C-9 and other rare ladybug species.



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Thank you for this information. Everything is vanishing. So sad.

Invasive coccinellid species such as Harmonia axyridis are sometimes associated with the decline of C. novemnotata, but the species was becoming rare some in areas before the introduction and population increase of invasive lady beetles. Changing agricultural habitats have also been considered as another possible explanation, but recent studies do not suggest a correlation between C. novemnotata densities and land-use change.[6]

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