PenguinPinguist Thought

  • Pingu appears everywhere in all Penguins. All Penguins are contained in one Pingu.

  • The shallow waters can be seen as safe, but without Pingu as your guide, the waters shall sink you.

  • One shall fall, many shall not.

  • It is impossible to explain the iceburg, you must see it for yourself.

  • It is not so much a matter of reaching the iceburg, it is more a matter of realizing that you are already on the iceburg.

  • A bird of feathers is not the only bird, open your mind, see the possabilities.

    PenguinPinguist Actions

  • Be not like Pingu, be as Pingu.

  • Walk soft, hard steps lead to evil.
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    Thank you Teo. I will have to come back to the website when I have more time.

    I love the images. I will try and be as Pingu.

    Sue Cat Cat2
    Thank you for the Pingu website Teo. This is very nice. I also love the images.

    The symbol of Pingu, is also know Pisces. It is the essecience of life, the enternial cycle of life which draws us all.
    (I think there are some spelling mistakes here, but I copied it from the website as is)

    To know, to understand Pisces, is to know, to understand Pingu.

    Vicky 2Hearts
    What a fun topic Teo Bounce

    Pinguist Morals:

    It is shameful to seek advancement, or to be the head of something, the leader, the chief or the senior.

    No one should torment others or break their hearts.

    Just regard's peoples virtues, do not be obessed with their faults.

    People cultivate secret virtues.

    No matter how bad the state of mind, you may get into, If you keep strong and hold out, eventually the floating clouds must vanish, and the withering wind must cease.

    Do not be so proud as to hope to equal the great sages; do not be so mean as to hope to equal the ignobles.

    If one pursed with selfish schemes to stay alive, there would be no end of it.

    There is fundamentally no good or bad in the human mind; good and bad arise according to circumstances.

    Though a nobleman's power is greater than that of an ox, he/she does not contend with an ox.

    To plow deep but plant shallow is a way of natural disaster; if you help yourself but harm others, how could there be no consequences?

    Penguin Smile Penguin Smile Penguin Smile Penguin Smile Penguin Smile Penguin Smile Penguin


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