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The last of a spate of writing like I've never done before thanks mostly to my ever-present "voice of reason" and "singer of love songs to my soul", Eric. No angel ever sounded more sweet than the voice you have leant to me in order to heal and discover the Truth at the center of the shadows.

The Path of Enlightenment

The spark of You
Shines like a million suns
Where do you find your essence?
Where do you polish your beauty?
Where do you go
When the shadows fall
And the lonely, infinite evening
Becomes unbearable?

Is your center brighter than mine
Or is your path clearer?

No…my Beloved.

No secrets.
No mystery.
No enigma.

I go to You.
I find Your beauty…
Your grace…
Your serenity.

You see.
We are truly One…
Whether you understand it
…or not.

Believe as the tree
Believes in the sun.
As the ocean, the shore
As the dove, the wind.
And the infinite evening
Will become a love song
To yourself.

With much love...jc

This much I know as Truth...we are all Beings of Light.
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by Wieslaw Sadurski - heart chakra mandala

Dear Jaicie, your song is very beautiful and I happily and gratefully add my voice to yours in love and praise of Eric's light and beauty. He is our Master of Love and Light and it is quite magical to walk with him on our Path of life.

I just read a daily message from "Loving each day" in my e-mail which touches the same topic and I want to share it:

When you can release the concept of "I'm here and they're
there," one day you will find that you are in everybody's
heart. You won't perceive others as being less or more than
you are. You will know their heartaches and their joys
because they are, in essence, the same as yours.

Then you'll be so involved in finding "you" in everybody
around you that there just won't be any room for boredom,
anxiety, or depression. You'll find the spiritual form that
is "you" in everything and everybody. You'll find incredible
beauty in everything.

- John-Roger with Paul Kaye
(From: Momentum, Letting Love Lead - Simple Practices for
Spiritual Living, p. 157)

Love and hugs. Margherita Smile
Eek Eek

I'm in awe at the wonderous beauty and love here..

Book Book Book Book Book Book

I can't believe what I'm reading.. but wow it is Cloud9 Cloud9

May the blessings be!

Love and light, Teo
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