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The wind is an old friend I hear calling to me. From out of the night, the wind beckons me and breathes wonderful notions into my head. I never feel so alone as when there is no wind. The wind calms my fears, soothes my sense of despair, and pleads with me to continue my quest and not lose the precious hope.

The wind comforts me, cools my brow and stirs my soul. The wind rises and falls like magic, coming from who knows where and goes to who knows where. The wind has long been my inspiration.

The wind carries the breath of the living, the very essence of life borne through the air, as it glides over the hilltops and into the valleys, refreshing and reviving all it touches. There is no song as beautiful as the song of the wind. It has an almost ancient melody.

The wind is a powerful force, and when unleashed in a storm, can reach an extraordinary magnitude. Usually the wind just whispers, but sometimes it roars with a fury, revealing a devastating power.

The wind suggests the spiritual, seeming to flow from an omnipotent source, and to come and go as a mystery. There is nothing more uncanny than a sudden gust of wind, seemingly coming from nowhere, and picking up leaves and tossing them about like an invisible spirit.

On a dark stormy night, the howling wind moans its sadness to the world. The wind, like the hand of a giant, bends the trees and flings the leaves and dust high in the air and speeds the clouds across the sky. In the fury of a blizzard, the wind seems a reckless monster flinging the snow about in all directions without ceasing. However, on a hot summer day the wind seems like an angel bathing our face with coolness.

I'm blown away.

Love and light, Teo Angel2 Angel2

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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