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At my cottage, in the Township of Tiny, live some magical, little beings: Mr Squirrel, Mrs. Chipmunk and Miss Froggy.

Every morning the squirrel comes for his breakfast of blueberries and nuts. He stands on his hindlegs, folds his little forearms and begs.

The chipmunk knows her blueberries are placed every morning beside his tunnel by the boathouse.

Froggy lives outside, at the bottom of the stairs, leading to the basement. She does not join us for breakfast. We think a nice juicy fly might be more her fancy than berries and nuts.

There is a lot of other animal and birdlife at the cottage, to keep our three friends occupied and busy.


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Ohhhhhhhhhh, dear Inda!

How comes I missed this one?!

Soooooooo lovely.

Will be back.

In my daughter's garden in Belgium I paid attention to all the little beings too and the spiders I found were exactly like the one you show. Their webs are incredible art works!

Especially loved guests were butterflies and Lady bugs .... and always the three cats around of course.

No squirrels .... I love them!

Love, love, love
and thank you Inda!

Your place is magical, I am sure!

Margherita 2Hearts

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