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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
It has been said that the eyes are the window of the soul. And while this is true... often the eyes become a one way looking glass. We hope that our loved ones will be able to peer within and find the real self that we are peeking out to them.
And if we are opened enough...they will.

Yet often too we allow are gaze to harden.
Our soul does not peer out to the world...and the world is unable to peer within.
We live in hope that someone will see...really see...though we refuse,we look at the world from our soul.

We are afraid.
We have been hurt...wounded by the rules of everyday life.
In Tantra...there are no rules.
We make love with our eyes open.
But unafraid to be afraid.

Soften the gaze.
Make love to the space between us.
Make love IN the space between
It is only an unseen layer of our greater selves.

The next time we see a tree...we can allow the tree to see us as well. Soften the the window.
Let the tree in....breath the tree in.

The next time we see a loved one (or a stranger)...we can invite them
in with the openess of our eyes. Look soft at one another. We are gazing at the Beloved.
And She is gazing back.

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Dear Eric, I deeply enjoy your words. Just by absorbing your message, I feel my gaze softening .... letting love SHOW. When we fully trust we can give our heart without losing it. We can look at people and to the world with children's eyes, unafraid, open to love, trusting fully. And while our gaze softens, our heart softens too and we open the door that allows love to flow freely, in and out. Making love.
Thank you Master of Love!
I love you. Margherita Smile

... allowing the Nymphea to see me too .....

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