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Helpdesk : What kind of computer do you have? Customer: A white one...


Helpdesk: Click on the 'my computer' icon on to the left of the screen.
Customer: Your left or my left?


Helpdesk: Good day. How may I help you?
Male customer: Hello... I can't print.

Helpdesk: Would you click on start for me and...

Customer: Listen pal; don't start getting technical on me! I'm not Bill Gates damn it!


Hi good afternoon, this is Martha, I can't print. Every time I try it says 'Can't find printer'. I've even lifted the printer and placed it in front of the monitor, but the computer still says he can't find it...


Customer: I have problems printing in red...

Helpdesk: Do you have a color printer?

Customer: Aaaah...................thank you.


Helpdesk: What's on your monitor now ma'am?

Customer: A teddy bear my boyfriend bought for me in the supermarket.


Customer: My keyboard is not working anymore.

Helpdesk: Are you sure it's plugged into the computer?

Customer: No. I can't get behind the computer.

Helpdesk: Pick up your keyboard and walk 10 paces back.

Customer: OK

Helpdesk: Did the keyboard come with you?

Customer: Yes

Helpdesk: That means the keyboard is not plugged in. Is there another keyboard?

Customer: Yes, there's another one here. Ah...that one does work!


A customer couldn't get on the internet.

Helpdesk: Are you sure you used the right password?

Customer: Yes I'm sure. I saw my colleague do it.

Helpdesk: Can you tell me what the password was?

Customer: Five stars.


Customer: I have a huge problem. A friend has placed a screensaver on my computer, but every time I move the mouse, it disappears!


Helpdesk: How may I help you?

Customer: I'm writing my first e-mail.

Helpdesk: OK, and, what seems to be the problem?

Customer: Well, I have the letter a, but how do I get the circle around it?

Nut Roll Eyes Eek Tongue Googly Laughing SystemError LOL

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Now, boys and girls, I surely needed a good laugh today and how strange that I should discover this post only now and JUST NOW!

Such funny stuff here! Inda, the tale of the mousepad cracked me really up!

Today I read a saying about lau Laughingghing:


Many smiles to all of you.
Love, Margherita Laughing Laughing Laughing
Icon, con you?

Here are some icons, sort of cool, and at the bottom of this post, another funny "Mouse-Pad" type of joke just for you dear dpm (Dancing Pearly Margherita)!

a-pie_01.gif 28-Apr-2004 18:51 45k
a-pie_02.gif 28-Apr-2004 18:51 72k
a-pie_03.gif 28-Apr-2004 18:51 81k
a-pie_04.gif 28-Apr-2004 18:51 57k
a-pie_05.gif 28-Apr-2004 18:51 72k
a-pie_06.gif 28-Apr-2004 18:51 52k
a-pie_07.gif 02-May-2004 17:15 56k
a-pie_08.gif 02-May-2004 17:15 68k
a-pie_09.gif 02-May-2004 17:15 68k
a-pie_10.gif 02-May-2004 17:15 60k
a-pie_11.gif 02-May-2004 17:15 59k
a-pie_12.gif 02-May-2004 17:15 61k
a-pie_13.gif 02-May-2004 17:15 59k
ab-mad_01.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 67k
ab-mad_02.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 49k
ab-mad_03.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 52k
ab-mad_04.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 37k
ab-mad_05.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 52k
ab-mad_06.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 24k
ab-mad_07.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 33k
ab-mad_08.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 21k
ab-mad_09.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 39k
ab-mad_10.gif 11-May-2003 21:01 71k
al-2nd_01.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 65k
al-2nd_02.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 65k
al-2nd_03.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 46k
al-2nd_04.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 105k
al-2nd_05.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 54k
al-2nd_06.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 79k
al-2nd_07.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 47k
al-2nd_08.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 53k
al-2nd_09.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 54k
al-2nd_10.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 47k
al-2nd_11.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 35k
al-2nd_12.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 83k
al-2nd_13.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 78k
al-2nd_14.gif 20-Apr-2003 20:18 68k
al-album-commercial_..> 04-May-2003 03:14 120k
al-album-commercial_..> 08-May-2003 00:03 30k
al-album-commercial_..> 08-May-2003 00:03 44k
al-album-commercial_..> 08-May-2003 00:03 40k
aloto_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 77k
aloto_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 125k
aloto_03.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 68k
aloto_04.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 61k
aloto_05.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 83k
aloto_06.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 98k
aloto_07.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 70k
aloto_08.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 63k
b-story_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 94k
b-story_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 42k
b-story_03.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 53k
b-story_04.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 16k
b-story_05.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 51k
b-story_06.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 44k
b-story_07.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 33k
b-story_08.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 34k
b-stranger_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 88k
b-stranger_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 63k
b-stranger_03.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 44k
b-stranger_04.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 37k
b-stranger_05.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 44k
b-stranger_06.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 60k
bad-girl_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 65k
bad-girl_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 55k
bad-girl_03.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 40k
bad-girl_04.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 70k
bad-girl_05.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 81k
bad-girl_06.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 74k
bad-girl_07.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 44k
bad-girl_08.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 60k
bad-girl_09.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 84k
bad-girl_10.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:26 64k
boe_01.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 45k
boe_02.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 60k
boe_03.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 76k
boe_04.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 61k
boe_05.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 59k
boe_06.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 45k
boe_07.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 60k
boe_08.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 53k
boe_09.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 77k
boe_10.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 50k
boe_11.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 65k
boe_12.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 49k
boe_13.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 138k
boe_14.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:41 36k
boe_15.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:42 79k
boe_16.gif 03-Feb-2003 01:42 55k
borderline_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 61k
borderline_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 28k
borderline_03.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 31k
borderline_04.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 35k
borderline_05.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 34k
cherish_01.gif 10-Jan-2003 18:14 41k
cherish_02.gif 10-Jan-2003 18:14 64k
cherish_03.gif 10-Jan-2003 18:14 48k
cherish_04.gif 10-Jan-2003 18:14 84k
cherish_05.gif 10-Jan-2003 18:14 111k
cherish_06.gif 10-Jan-2003 18:14 126k
cherish_07.gif 10-Jan-2003 18:14 64k
cherish_08.gif 10-Jan-2003 18:14 83k
cherish_09.gif 10-Jan-2003 18:14 68k
ct-001-future-lovers..> 03-Jan-2007 00:27 79k
ct-001-future-lovers..> 03-Jan-2007 00:27 77k
ct-001-future-lovers..> 03-Jan-2007 00:27 61k
ct-001-future-lovers..> 03-Jan-2007 00:27 64k
ct-001-future-lovers..> 03-Jan-2007 00:27 63k
ct-001-future-lovers..> 03-Jan-2007 00:27 31k
ct-001-future-lovers..> 03-Jan-2007 00:27 133k
ct-001-future-lovers..> 03-Jan-2007 00:27 46k
ct-002-get-together_..> 08-Jan-2007 19:49 48k
ct-002-get-together_..> 08-Jan-2007 19:49 21k
ct-002-get-together_..> 08-Jan-2007 19:49 87k
ct-002-get-together_..> 08-Jan-2007 19:49 55k
ct-002-get-together_..> 08-Jan-2007 19:49 58k
ct-002-get-together_..> 08-Jan-2007 19:49 35k
ct-002-get-together_..> 08-Jan-2007 19:49 55k
ct-002-get-together_..> 08-Jan-2007 19:49 53k
d-world_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 62k
d-world_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 61k
d-world_03.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 63k
d-world_04.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 68k
d-world_05.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 59k
d-world_06.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 92k
d-world_07.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 38k
d-world_08.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 70k
d-world_09.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:25 61k
dad-film_01.gif 29-May-2003 01:08 168k
dad-film_02.gif 29-May-2003 01:08 67k
dad-film_03.gif 29-May-2003 01:08 48k
dad-film_04.gif 29-May-2003 01:08 48k
dad-film_05.gif 29-May-2003 01:08 19k
dad-film_06.gif 29-May-2003 01:08 57k
dad_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 85k
dad_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 49k
dad_03.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 89k
dad_04.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 37k
dad_05.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 62k
dad_06.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 38k
dad_07.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 93k
dad_08.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 62k
dad_09.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 73k
dad_10.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:27 72k
deeper_01.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:51 86k
deeper_02.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:51 72k
deeper_03.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:51 39k
deeper_04.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:51 62k
deeper_05.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 70k
deeper_06.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 55k
deeper_07.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 67k
deeper_08.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 52k
deeper_09.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 45k
deeper_10.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 71k
deeper_11.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 150k
deeper_12.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 34k
deeper_13.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 79k
deeper_14.gif 13-Jun-2003 16:52 59k
dtm_01.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:37 121k
dtm_02.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:37 170k
dtm_03.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:37 135k
dtm_04.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:37 81k
dtm_05.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:37 85k
dtm_06.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:37 154k
dtm_07.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:37 74k
dtm_08.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:37 59k
dtm_09.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:36 70k
dtm_10.gif 06-Apr-2003 23:36 111k
dwt_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 43k
dwt_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:24 32k
erotica_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 30k
erotica_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 45k
erotica_03.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 25k
erotica_04.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 64k
erotica_05.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 9k
erotica_06.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 38k
erotica_07.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 16k
erotica_08.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 30k
erotica_09.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 35k
erotica_10.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 79k
erotica_11.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 20k
erotica_12.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 30k
express-urself_01.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 55k
express-urself_02.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 39k
express-urself_03.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 28k
express-urself_04.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 25k
express-urself_05.gif 13-Dec-2002 10:23 21k
fever_01.gif 10-Jan-2005 17:43 60k
fever_02.gif 10-Jan-2005 17:43 104k
fever_03.gif 10-Jan-2005 17:43 55k
fever_04.gif 10-Jan-2005 17:43 123k
fever_05.gif 10-Jan-2005 17:43 73k
fever_06.gif 10-Jan-2005 17:43 63k
fever_07.gif 10-Jan-2005 17:43 92k
fever_08.gif 10-Jan-2005 17:43 73k
fever_09.gif 15-Jan-2005 15:38 126k
fever_10.gif 15-Jan-2005 15:38 83k
fever_11.gif 15-Jan-2005 15:38 70k
fever_12.gif 15-Jan-2005 15:38 64k
fever_13.gif 15-Jan-2005 15:38 85k
fever_14.gif 15-Jan-2005 15:38 81k
fever_15.gif 15-Jan-2005 15:38 62k
fever_16.gif 15-Jan-2005 15:38 87k
fever_17.gif 15-Jan-2005 15:38 71k
frozen_01.gif 02-Mar-2004 00:29 55k
frozen_02.gif 02-Mar-2004 00:29 85k
frozen_03.gif 02-Mar-2004 00:29 51k
frozen_04.gif 02-Mar-2004 00:29 96k
frozen_05.gif 03-Mar-2004 22:01 54k
frozen_06.gif 03-Mar-2004 22:01 115k
frozen_07.gif 03-Mar-2004 22:01 66k
frozen_08.gif 03-Mar-2004 22:01 35k
frozen_09.gif 06-Mar-2004 00:53 62k
frozen_10.gif 06-Mar-2004 00:53 57k
frozen_11.gif 06-Mar-2004 00:53 18k
frozen_12.gif 06-Mar-2004 00:53 28k
frozen_13.gif 09-Mar-2004 00:50 49k
frozen_14.gif 09-Mar-2004 00:50 27k
frozen_15.gif 09-Mar-2004 00:50 24k
frozen_16.gif 09-Mar-2004 00:50 28k
get-together_01.gif 16-Jun-2006 17:39 62k
get-together_02.gif 16-Jun-2006 17:39 65k
get-together_03.gif 16-Jun-2006 17:39 94k
get-together_04.gif 16-Jun-2006 17:39 82k
get-together_05.gif 16-Jun-2006 17:39 89k
get-together_06.gif 16-Jun-2006 17:39 88k
get-together_07.gif 16-Jun-2006 17:38 69k
get-together_08.gif 20-Jun-2006 18:07 19k
get-together_09.gif 20-Jun-2006 18:07 37k
get-together_10.gif 20-Jun-2006 18:07 61k
get-together_11.gif 20-Jun-2006 18:07 75k
get-together_12.gif 20-Jun-2006 18:07 73k
get-together_13.gif 20-Jun-2006 18:07 75k
get-together_14.gif 20-Jun-2006 18:07 92k
get-together_15.gif 20-Jun-2006 18:07 58k
get-together_16.gif 20-Jun-2006 18:07 81k
hn_01.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 81k
hn_02.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 75k
hn_03.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 93k
hn_04.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 87k
hn_05.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 68k
hn_06.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 46k
hn_07.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 37k
hn_08.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 64k
hn_09.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 73k
hn_10.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 59k
hn_11.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 37k
hn_12.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 88k
hn_13.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 56k
hn_14.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 75k
hn_15.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 49k
hn_16.gif 28-Sep-2004 00:30 22k
hollywood_01.gif 26-Jun-2003 00:20 79k
hollywood_02.gif 26-Jun-2003 00:20 22k
hollywood_03.gif 26-Jun-2003 00:20 82k
hollywood_04.gif 26-Jun-2003 00:20 59k
hollywood_05.gif 26-Jun-2003 00:20 45k
hollywood_06.gif 26-Jun-2003 00:20 46k
hollywood_07.gif 26-Jun-2003 00:20 58k
hollywood_08.gif 26-Jun-2003 00:20 109k
hu-commercial_01.gif 16-Oct-2005 01:21 175k
hung-up_01.gif 07-Nov-2005 00:15 73k
hung-up_02.gif 07-Nov-2005 00:15 109k
hung-up_03.gif 07-Nov-2005 00:15 49k
hung-up_04.gif 07-Nov-2005 00:15 45k
hung-up_05.gif 07-Nov-2005 00:15 38k
hung-up_06.gif 07-Nov-2005 00:15 79k
hung-up_07.gif 07-Nov-2005 00:15 55k
hung-up_08.gif 07-Nov-2005 00:15 40k
hung-up_09.gif 18-Nov-2005 16:41 70k
hung-up_10.gif 18-Nov-2005 16:41 31k
hung-up_11.gif 18-Nov-2005 16:41 33k
hung-up_12.gif 18-Nov-2005 16:41 63k
hung-up_13.gif 18-Nov-2005 16:41 53k
hung-up_14.gif 18-Nov-2005 16:41 84k
hung-up_15.gif 18-Nov-2005 16:41 95k
hung-up_16.gif 30-Nov-2005 01:19 69k
hung-up_17.gif 30-Nov-2005 01:19 69k
hung-up_18.gif 30-Nov-2005 01:19 71k
hung-up_19.gif 30-Nov-2005 01:19 79k
hung-up_20.gif 30-Nov-2005 01:19 58k
hung-up_21.gif 30-Nov-2005 01:19 92k
hung-up_22.gif 30-Nov-2005 01:19 85k
i-want-you_01.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 74k
i-want-you_02.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 47k
i-want-you_03.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 63k
i-want-you_04.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 73k
i-want-you_05.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 56k
i-want-you_06.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 76k
i-want-you_07.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 71k
i-want-you_08.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 64k
i-want-you_09.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 79k
i-want-you_10.gif 19-Aug-2004 15:54 136k
igttyas_001.gif 24-Aug-2006 19:48 40k
igttyas_002.gif 24-Aug-2006 19:48 51k
igttyas_003.gif 24-Aug-2006 19:48 54k
igttyas_004.gif 24-Aug-2006 19:48 65k
igttyas_005.gif 24-Aug-2006 19:48 29k
igttyas_006.gif 24-Aug-2006 19:48 58k
igttyas_007.gif 24-Aug-2006 19:48 73k
igttyas_008.gif 15-Oct-2006 01:49 43k
igttyas_009.gif 15-Oct-2006 01:49 64k
igttyas_010.gif 15-Oct-2006 01:49 41k
igttyas_011.gif 15-Oct-2006 01:49 104k
igttyas_012.gif 15-Oct-2006 01:48 73k
igttyas_013.gif 15-Oct-2006 01:48 69k
igttyas_014.gif 15-Oct-2006 01:48 57k
jml_01.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 76k
jml_02.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 68k
jml_03.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 77k
jml_04.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 72k
jml_05.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 106k
jml_06.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 120k
jml_07.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 89k
jml_08.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 93k
jml_09.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 72k
jml_10.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 44k
jml_11.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 61k
jml_12.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 79k
jml_13.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 61k
jml_14.gif 28-Oct-2004 01:48 258k
jump_01.gif 18-Oct-2006 17:11 77k
jump_02.gif 18-Oct-2006 17:11 75k
jump_03.gif 18-Oct-2006 17:11 66k
jump_04.gif 18-Oct-2006 17:11 49k
jump_05.gif 18-Oct-2006 17:11 53k
jump_06.gif 18-Oct-2006 17:11 55k
jump_07.gif 07-Nov-2006 19:51 61k
jump_08.gif 07-Nov-2006 19:50 117k
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