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I am fragmented and conflicted by so many personalities competing for the use of my body. Sinners and saints are arguing. Forbidden lust and unconditional love. Divine and diabolical. Beatitude of paradise. Dark night of soul.

Each of these have staked a claim inside me, shouting over each other, causing endless trouble.

When I was born I did not have this war going on. I was not corrupted by concepts, but voices have appeared inside me saying yes and no, guilt and shame have been implanted and I have become stained with fear. The secret caverns and the dark cellars of my psyche are riddled with doubt and sorrow.

I have become a jail keeper of my shadow selves. I am the prisoner of my own jail tapping messages on the wall of my cell.

My shadows are embarassed and fearful. In the name of politeness and tact and knowing my place I have held on to negative energie. I have forgotten the instinct for release. I am a loaded battery of anger and resentment and frustration; I am a bomb. Bombs blow up and kill people. The explosion of shrapnel is the explosion of rage made manifest.

I must make peace with my shadows and myself, bringing this war to an end.

-from The Way Of The Wizard

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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Thank you Teo for sharing .

Love will make peace with all your inner beings.

From: "The Way of the Wizard"
By: Deepak Chopra

Love seeks out impurity to burn it away. There is no such thing as a loveless person - there are only people who cannot feel the force of love. Being invisible and ever-present, love is more than an emotion or a feeling, it is more than pleasure or even ecstasy. As seen by the wizards, love is the air we breathe, it is the circulation in every cell. From its universal source love penetrates everything. It is the ultimate powere, because without using force, love brings everything to it. Even in suffering, love's power continues its work, far out of sight of the ego and mind. Compared with love all other forms of power are feeble.
We all have a shadow self that is a part
of our total reality.

The shadow is not here to hurt you but to point out
where you are incomplete.

When the shadow is embraced, it can be healed.
When it is healed, it turns into love.

When you can live with all your opposite qualities,
you will be living your total self as a wizard.

The Way of the Wizard

Deepak Chopra
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