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Dear friends,

My little understanding of Tantra is:

I had heard that Shiva, all content in himself meditating on a remote mountain, has a visitor, his consort Shakti.

Shakti asks questions about the manifest world, while making love to Shiva.

His answers are The Tantras.

I think there are about 100? They deal with non-duality and seeing beyond maya - illusion.

Tantric Tibetan Buddhism, from books like "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism" by Chugyam Trungpa, seem to state that Tantra is a way-less way, it is the already existing awakening enlightenment, and there is really nothing to achieve spiritualy, except the knowing that it is already there.

Osho Rajneesh has 2 "Book Of The Secrets" which I've only read book one, and they are sort of meditation, sort of magical awareness techniques. He was a Tantra master, and strangely people mainly refer to his pink robed followers and how they were often practicing Kundalini Yoga, sexual energy raising types of practices. OK, they called it a sex farm.

I'm asking for YOUR input here, what IS Tantra? Is it lessons? Complete detachment? Sexual exercises?

Eric's oh so wise posts have got me thinking for more of an answer to "What is Tantra?"

...Shiva tells Shakti: "Answers will come, when the student is ready, when the teacher is ready, when the vehicle for enlightenment is ready."... (I just made that up)

The student is ready! This seems a great vehicle for learning. May the enlightenment begin!

Love, life and light, Teo Wink

You can't force peace, only show it.
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Thank you Teo,
For your interesting topic.

I don't know much about Tatra wisdom either, but I will tell you what I know.

The word Tantra is Sanskrit- the sacred language of Hinduism.
Tantra is like a weave made up of different energies, continually spreading and expanding.
We and all of life is part of this ever expanding cosmic weave.
Tantra is a form of holistic wisdom which connects us with the universe.
When we embrace Tantra we discover parts that have been repressed; it releases energy that is uplifting. This energy removes guilt and fear ;
it allows us to achieve our goals and it can be used for pleasure and a general spiritual evolution. It shows us how to enjoy life more. It expands our boundaries teaching us to become more familiar with our mystical nature.

I found some dictionary definitions of Tantra:
Tantra is sometimes defined as a type of mystical teaching set out in the form of dialogs between a cosmic couple, intimate insightful dialogs, between God and Goddess, Shiva and Shakti, the male and female Tantric adepts, were at times written down and became known as Tantras. These dialogs being intimate, included sexual secrets as well as many other fascinating topics.

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My "introduction" to Tantra has occurred through Eric's essays and I find it fascinating.

In a Tantra glossary I found this definition:

"Tantra. A system of spiritual beliefs and practices said to be derived from Sanskrit Roots signifying: "body" because of its emphasis on bodily activities; "stretch" because it extends the faculties of humans; "Rope" because it secures the devotee to deity; "Harp" for the music and beauty of its philosophy; "Interiorness" for the secrecy of its doctrine; "Loom" suggesting the 2 cosmic principles, male and female, that make up the warp and woof of the woven fabric of the universe."

Your openings/reflections are very interesting. I am sure Eric, our Master of Love, will continue to enlighten us and to share with us his deeper knowledge of this topic.

Love, Margherita Smile

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