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Pure Bliss...Organic, sustainable living. Is it a dream or a possibility?

Allow me the pleasure of introducing to you the only 100% Certified organic products in the world made for personal care use. A full line of nature-made skin care, make-up, hair care, and supplements - ALL completely 100% free of chemicals using only the best ingredients from nature. They are so safe, you could literally eat them!

Everything we eat effects our health. Everything we put on our SKIN affects our health as well! These products are for those who are interested in pure organic products which do no harm to themselves, or to the environment during their manufacture.

As Mother Nature gives to us, we can give something back to her: Our care and love. Interested? Please email me at or visit my website at: Take a look around.

This is the opportunity we've all been looking care for ourselves, each other, and the Planet. And it's just now hitting the United States so the opportunity is HOT!

All is well! Janey
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Hi, Ladies and thank you for the warm welcome!

Please let me know if I can answer any questions. It's always a joy to be hooked up with others on a similar path. Eating and using organic products is something I'm passionate (but not perfect!) about! Finding organic foods here in Southern California is now pretty easy. But finding other personal items was almost impossible!

So many times a product will say 'organically made', and it may have only 5% organic ingredients! That's what makes these products so trustworthy. They are certified organic by several certifying agencines including the United States and Australia. That means 95% or more of the ingredients are organic! There's really nothing else like them out there.

And - God willing - the organic industry is really going to take off as more of us become users. From the Heart! Smile We WANT organic products both for our own health, and to protect the natural resources of our Mother Earth.

ANYWAY, I am at your service. And I can't wait to investigate more of! I met Teo at another site, and he sent me a link to a post on was AWESOME!

Love and peace to all!
All is well! Janey
Welcome welcome Janey!!! Wave

Originally posted by Janey:
And - God willing - the organic industry is really going to take off as more of us become users.
Amen and Awomen!

I'm really glad you shared this GREAT NEWS with us here @ Givnology. I peeked the link and the Mission and Goal of the company are great! Clap Kiss

I always wonder HOW organic organic things are??? I'll dig deeper into - LOOKS GOOD!

Thanks for letting us in on your wonderful project here, and best of luck to you! Applause

Love and light being, Teo Doggy Doggy

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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