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It is not just people who get sick from stress.
A recent study at the Ohio State University found that healthy cats show signs of illness when under stress.

At the same time , cats diagnosed with feline interstitial cystitis became healthier when stress levels were reduced.

The study also showed that an enriched environment-one that includes hiding areas, toys, bedding and other physical features, plus an everyday routine including a consistent caregiver, feeding and play times-reduces or prevents some common signs of feline sickness such as decreased appetite, vomiting or eliminating outside their litter boxes.

Stress to a cat might be nothing more than unwanted attention, a dirty litter box, or a strange noise.

The study showed that during stress-free times, both healthy and affected cats got sick less than once a week.
During weeks when routines were altered, causing stress, the healthy cats got sick about 1.9 times a week, and the others, twice a week, nearly tripling the risk for sickness in all cats. Levels returned to normal when the stress passed.

Cats are not a pack species. They are not used to living in large groups. Their two primary predators are large carnivores and primates, and so who do they usually live with? Dogs and people. It can be tough being a cat.


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