They could sit back and watch the play as if they were God himself. In fact they could blend with God for God, the Supreme Brahma, was present in all of his creations. God was the Higher Self, the Atman. Human beings, by freeing themselves from the illusion of separateness, could find that Self within them. Once they had found that Self they would be liberated, able to watch the divine play without bothering to enquire whether it was good or bad, whether it had meaning or no meaning.

Complete liberation from the cycle of births and deaths was possible only for those who had stepped outside the cycle of time with its alternating phases of creation and destruction. Liberation involved stepping out of the creatura and entering the pleroma, the realm of the imperishable Brahma.

This is certainly no easy undertaking but Yama, King of the Dead, assures us that it can be done and Yama should know, if anyone does.
Arise! Awake! Having attained your boon now understand it. As a razor's edge is difficult to pass over so it the path to the Higher Self difficult to tread. That Higher Self is not born and does not die: it sprang from nothing, nothing sprang from it. Unborn, eternal, everlasting, ancient, THAT is not killed when the body is killed. If the slayer thinks he slays, if the slain thinks he is slain, both are deceived. THAT slays not nor is it slain.

Smaller than small, greater than great, in the hearts of all creatures THAT is hidden. Sitting down it goes far, lying still it goes everywhere; it is bodiless amid bodies, changeless amid changes. How shall an ordinary man understand THAT to whom both priest and warrior are as food and death a condiment?

-Self Completion, Robert S. de Ropp, page 22-23

The Hindu (Indian) triad is Brahma=creation, Vishnu=preserver, Shiva=destroyer. A friend once told me the name Abraham is "A Brahman" and Moses is "Om says," Krishna does sound like Christ hum?

The way I translate this cosmicological mumbo-jumbo is to basically step back (or up) and look at the bigger picture. Back off from taking something personally, back off from "your people" being oppressed by "them." Back off from fussing about what nature hasn't given "us." See the play of things from the bigger picture, higher viewpoint, and more calmly watch events without getting "stuck" is some lower material matter. Mind over matter, if you don't mind it don't matter! Just my two cents.

Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul...) Book Idea Typing Asian Asian

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Original Post
Thank you Teo.

This is very interesting material. I will need to come back and spend a little more time absorbing it all.

Sue Cat Cat2
Thank you for this interesting topic Teo.
Like Sue, I will have to come back and spend more time reading it, and thinking about it.,

Thank you Teo.
This is another interesting and long post. It will take me some time to absorb it, so I will have it printed out.

Interesting post Teo.
Contains a lot of deep wisdom.

I will try not to get stuckkkkk.


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