Thank you for this wonderful picture. I love all kinds of animals. Often I think that they are much kinder than humans.

Thank you for the blessing Gisele.
Have a nice day everyone and share some kindness with someone, this will rejuvenate you.

Sue Cat2
Hello Everyone Wave

This is Monday and time to do more exercises BBall
I also like animals, so maybe some of us have a dog to walk; this would be good exercise.

Have a nice day,
Vicky Clap
I useed to have a dog, and walking her was good exercise. Now she is walking and dancing in the great kennel in the sky.

Maybe we can try and walk with these cuties


Images (1)
Originated in the Cape Verde Islands.It was used in early historical times in Egypt, Arabia and India. The juice of the plant applied externally was and is used today to heal wounds, bruises and irritations. Today an ointment is made of the fresh juice for the treatment of radiation burns.
It is also used in many skin creams ,lotions and shampoos.


Images (1)
Thank you Lilie,
That little baby is so cute Razzig:

Now that the weekend is approaching,
I will try and do this...hahaha

[This message was edited by Inda on Friday December 12th, 2003 at 07:36 AM.]


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Dear Lilie,
The load on your scales Wave2 is so cute

You are right, it is good to balance all things


Whenever sorrows come again,
meet it with smiles and laughter,
saying,"O my Creator, save me from its harm:
and do not deprive me of its good.
Lord, remind me to be thankful,
let me feel no regret if its benefit passes away.


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I have not felt comfortable with my name Bracha that I chose for for a long time now, as it is not mine

I have decided to use my spiritual name Karima as I find it more harmonizing with my soul

Good Morning Karima!
This is a really beautiful name.
Thank you for the image with your old name,
that is beautiful too.

This is only the middle of the week, so we have to keep exercising. BBall Hide Surf CoolDance UFO Clap Bounce Abducted bat Ladysman :juggl

Dear Lilie,
Karima is very beautiful.

You are right Vicky, we need to exercise,
so I will join you Bounce BBall CoolDance CoolDance UFO Angel2 Hump

We also need a lot more light; the days in winter are so dark


Images (1)
For a special friend



[This message was edited by Karima on Thursday December 18th, 2003 at 12:47 PM.]
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Sending light from the universe into everyone's soul.
Have a light and love filled weekend Angel Love2


Images (1)
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Welcome to Karima, this name resonates beautifully with you dear Lilie.

So I see everybody is filling with light ... which is the best we can do to remain young!

Filling with beauty ...

Have a beautiful week-end girls.

I love you.
Margherita Smile
Dear Margherita, it is so nice to see you back here sharing the light with us.


Glory to thee,
Thou glorious sun.

Glory to thee, thou sun,
Face of the God of life.

~From a Scottish Traditional Prayer


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Margeritha, I agree with is so nice
to see you here and share some light together....



My beautiful friends, I am so happy too to be back here with you.

All this light reminds me of one of my poems ....

Light meeting light

I danced tonight
in the arms of Light.

Called forth
by my longing
you settled
in my eyes,
I guided you
to fall deeper
into me,
you crossed
my heart
and joined my song,
falling deeper
and deeper
along the waves
of my breath.

full circle
on strings of light,
we called
into existence
new lands
and riding
the secret route
of our desire
we collided
at heaven’s gate.

by the Light,
we bared
our essence
to each other
and merged
in purity
shining in
one glow.

I danced tonight
in the arms of Light.

And Christmas too is so full of light ... we have many reasons to celebrate LIGHT.

Dancing into the light

Love, Margherita Smile
Dear Margherita,
Thank you.

Your beautiful and gentle words make the light dance in my soul. You renew the life force in my body.

Love, Inda


Images (1)
I am leaving tomorrow on a long flight. Your light will protect me.
I am not sure how much exercise I will get, but I hope all of you will continue.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

Dear Vicky, may the Angel fly together with you.
Have a wonderful time home!
Love and light. Margherita Smile

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