Thank you for this wonderful picture. I love all kinds of animals. Often I think that they are much kinder than humans.

Thank you for the blessing Gisele.
Have a nice day everyone and share some kindness with someone, this will rejuvenate you.

Sue Cat2
Originated in the Cape Verde Islands.It was used in early historical times in Egypt, Arabia and India. The juice of the plant applied externally was and is used today to heal wounds, bruises and irritations. Today an ointment is made of the fresh juice for the treatment of radiation burns.
It is also used in many skin creams ,lotions and shampoos.


Photos (1)
Thank you Lilie,
That little baby is so cute Razzig:

Now that the weekend is approaching,
I will try and do this...hahaha

[This message was edited by Inda on Friday December 12th, 2003 at 07:36 AM.]


Photos (1)
Dear Lilie,
The load on your scales Wave2 is so cute

You are right, it is good to balance all things


Whenever sorrows come again,
meet it with smiles and laughter,
saying,"O my Creator, save me from its harm:
and do not deprive me of its good.
Lord, remind me to be thankful,
let me feel no regret if its benefit passes away.


Photos (1)
Welcome to Karima, this name resonates beautifully with you dear Lilie.

So I see everybody is filling with light ... which is the best we can do to remain young!

Filling with beauty ...

Have a beautiful week-end girls.

I love you.
Margherita Smile
Dear Margherita, it is so nice to see you back here sharing the light with us.


Glory to thee,
Thou glorious sun.

Glory to thee, thou sun,
Face of the God of life.

~From a Scottish Traditional Prayer


Photos (1)
My beautiful friends, I am so happy too to be back here with you.

All this light reminds me of one of my poems ....

Light meeting light

I danced tonight
in the arms of Light.

Called forth
by my longing
you settled
in my eyes,
I guided you
to fall deeper
into me,
you crossed
my heart
and joined my song,
falling deeper
and deeper
along the waves
of my breath.

full circle
on strings of light,
we called
into existence
new lands
and riding
the secret route
of our desire
we collided
at heaven’s gate.

by the Light,
we bared
our essence
to each other
and merged
in purity
shining in
one glow.

I danced tonight
in the arms of Light.

And Christmas too is so full of light ... we have many reasons to celebrate LIGHT.

Dancing into the light

Love, Margherita Smile
What a spectacular image; what a beautiful sky.
I don't think they have a computer back home, but Vicky will catch up on everything when she gets back.

More heavenly music to float to the sky:

...The breeze of Your song
moves through the whole sky;

The stream of your melody
breaks out through rocks
and anxiously flows on...
Rabindranath Tagore



Photos (1)

I love circus atmosphere ...

Karima, your image is high class, true magic.

Have a beautiful time too .... I think in the Northern countries there is a wondrous atmosphere during Christmas holidays ... the splendour of the snow, the lights reflecting ...


Love, Margherita
Yes girls, reading and writing, time to BE, that's wonderful.
We had a long walk today at the Villa Borghese, Pincio ... and an Apéritif at Doney's in Via Veneto. The day was sunny, but cold. I soooo loved the cold breeze on my cheeks..... and wonder of wonders in the green grass of the Park, there were already some Margheritine, the small daisies!

I wrote:

Park Villa Borghese

Wow, what emotion in finding this picture ... Spring at Villa Borghese ... and look what the girl picks!!

Love, Margherita Smile
I was so happy to see all your images today, as I was a bit much beauty! While dreaming...I found this picture from another passed season..(Inda, I have been thinking of what you said somewhere, that you are not a poet...I doubt it...


Schneemaenner ..

Fund to build and fun to look at!

Dear Lilie, my brother used to build enormous "houses of snow-ice" in our garden ... there was so much snow then ... quite some years back! And we sat in there to chat with friends ...

Love and Happy Epiphany ...

do you immerse in water Lilie?

Margherita Smile
Dear Karima, PureBeauty on chopra sent Epiphany wishes today and speaks of a tradition in Northern countries of immersing in water on this day to assure blessings for the New Year.
So I see you are in synthony, as you choose the water. I love it too, that's also my element, but snow is water after all and I love to plunge into it too.

and ice skating ... ohhh what nostalgie ...

Love, Margherita
Dear Margeritha, I never heard of that feel a need to say...I don´t know really how to say this...but life was never something for me...because of tragic reasons of my heritage

With Love


[This message was edited by Karima on Tuesday January 6th, 2004 at 11:50 AM.]
Lilie, sweetheart, your words are so sad and I feel an urge to reach out to hug you.

I know that life can be extremely difficult, especially when we carry with us experiences of childhood. I guess through the picture you posted ... maybe you were a lonely girl, or there was little sunshine in your heart. And then in Sweden it is really also true, that melancholy is more diffused than in Southern countries, where there is more sunshine. I think for myself it has been important to live in a Mediterranean country, because I also have my deeply melancholic moments. Nonetheless my faith and the belief that we are loved and cared for from Above, whatever, always helps me to get through those dark tunnels into the Light again. As you know I often describe this in my poems.
You are loved, Lilie, you have a beautiful soul and your poems also reveal that you connect to the Divine spirit, residing within.
Meditate and let love flow into you and surround you. Heritage can be heavy I know, we must learn to detach and to walk in the light.
I am doing this now with you, hand in hand.

With love, Margherita

I’m open to love
my heart invites you to dance
come share my delight

senryu by Margherita
Wonderful Margeritha, you have touched me so deeply now. Thank you! I am not there where I take delight in this world..if not for a rose, a dew drop, a beautiful sunset...or some touching musical tones...or poems...beautiful loving eyes...words of wisdom

Much Love

What a beautiful picture, Karima. When we are here for each other, then we fulfill the commandment of love.

You take delight in beauty which reflects you. You have mentioned beautiful loving eyes ... this is soul touching, soul communication .... wow, this reminds me of a poem by Tim "Soul touching". Must see if I can find it.

Be fine, my friend!
I love you. Margherita
Found it on chopra: Tim Cannon's poem

"Soul touching"

Yet absent of form,
Your presence,
It illuminates,
As an aura,
Images a flame,
It surrounds,
And enters my heart.
Soul touching,
Each other,
To one another,
Our spirits,
Ascend in eternity,
As a fragrant essence,
All senses within,
Heaven is this tender love.

Always can we be with another, whether it is our creator, a friend or companion, a loved one that has passed on;
Through soul touching you can feel the presence, just close your eyes…

by: Tim Cannon

I’m open to love
my heart invites you to dance
come share my delight

senryu by Margherita
Thank you Lilie, Margherita and Tim.
You touch me deeply with your grace and beauty.

Soon I am going to leave the fields of snow
and dip into the waters of a warmer place.

May the Hawaiian Goddess Laka embrace you with love and light.

O Goddess Laka!
O wildwood bouquet, O Laka!
O Laka, queen of the voice!
O Laka, giver of gifts!
O Laka, giver of bounty!
O Laka, giver of all things!

Hawaiian prayer to the Goddess laka


Photos (1)
And in Italy we say: Quando non c'è il gatto, i topi ballano ... exact translation. Today this was not the case ... a busy day back at work, like you dear Lilie ...
but I wish Inda a wonderful time in Hawaii!
Tired now.
Hugging you all and going to sleep ... hmmm DREAM ...

Love, Margherita Smile

I’m open to love
my heart invites you to dance
come share my delight

senryu by Margherita


Photos (1)

Island dreams by Jim Warren

Thinking of Inda on the island ... sending her love.

Dear Karima, yes we do need to rest, to sit with a book, to think, just to BE.

Another senryu for you:

Today we shall rest
to absorb beauty and light:
to just love our life

Hugs. Margherita Smile

Haiku is a Japanese verse form that relies on brevity and simplicity to convey its message. It is usually three lines of five, seven, and five syllables, and frequently includes natural images or themes. It is believed to have been first written in the seventeenth century and is based on a Zen Buddhist philosophy of simplicity and the idea of perfection that excludes the extraneous.

This is the very brief explanation of haiku on where they run a daily contest of haikus. I participate quite often and I have once won the mousepad with a haiku I submitted (it's a question of luck though, hundreds and hundreds of senryus/haikus are sent everyday, but it's fun!). With the following senryu (they actually call haiku everything, even if to be called a haiku, there must be a seasonal element in the verse - all other compositions are called senryu):

Life flows placidly
we have the choice to be free
to cry or to laugh

Have a beautiful Sunday, dear Karima.
Love and light. Margherita

The light of Dolphins by Jane Nussbaum

To swim in the light
follow the playful dolphins
they show you the way

Just dreaming of swimming and dancing with dolphins, which would be the most fantastic physical and spiritual exercise!

Love, Margherita
ps Yes, Karima, there are specific rules for haiku and senryu, I will find some site for you as soon as possible.
Dear Karima, this water whirling is beautiful .. the light dancing on it. The light will not be swallowed by it. Water whirling reminds me of childhood, when at the lake of Zurich I learned to swim and my mother warned me of these whirls, they take you down in no time. There was one near where we went to bath, but we knew it and never approached that fascinating but dangerous water play.
Yes this picture shows the power!

Catnap ballet photo by Trisha Flynn

Wishing you such intense and glorious peace ... aren't they totally relaxed and immersed in their dreams?!

Sending you much love, Margherita Smile
Dear Margherita, wish my pussy cats would look as relaxed !! Fabulous picture. We are very peaceful at home at the moment as Ollie is back in the vets. He is missed by 2 uprights but I think the furry one of the three of us (Lily) is very happy. Still he is coming home tomorrow, so deep breaths and off we go again. Sue. Cat2 Cat2
Dear Lilie, thank you for your message. I think finally my Lily is learning to accept Ollie. They met face to face yesterday and instead of a big hiss, she turned her back and walked away.That is an improvement from last week. Wish my Lily was as nice as you, Lilie. Sue. Cat2
Well, dear Lilie, none of us I think is ALWAYS nice ... we are in need of balance surely, sometimes we are soaring high and able to love as we are meant to and sometimes we are in a low mood and then we cause others to escape ...

Anyway, I think, isn't it time to welcome back our dearest Inda?

In case, I will now look for a bunch of flowers ... well she may have had the flowers around her neck in Hawaii .... we might add the warmth of a hug to say we missed her and we are happy that she is about to materialise here again!

Love and light, dear Lilie.

for Inda ... may the Angels protect you on your way home

Marc Chagall - Der Blumenstrauss der den Himmel erleuchtet ... fuer Inda
Hello Everyone,
It is nice to be back on Givnology. Inda will probably be back tomorrow. We are all recovering from our long trips so I don't think we will be exercising too much this week; probably sleeping whenever we can, but not on the job Snoring. Nice to see all the beautiful pictures.

Dear Friends,
I am home and couldn't help but come and say 'Hello' to you all tonight Wave2,before i go to sleep.
After a very long flight and two sleepless nights it is actually good to be back on Givnology.

Like Vicky, I feel exercise will not be on my schedule this week CoolDance, but a lot of sleep Snoring.

I am overwhelmed by all your beautiful gifts of flowers and send you a hug and a kiss Ladysman and a lot of Aloha.
There is a beautiful Hawaiian saying:

Aloha exists beyond motives,
desires, or opinions. It is sustained
by love, fortified by compassion,
and it expands in power and beauty
as we give it away to all who come
into our lives.



Photos (1)
Dear Inda, I think you are right with your considerations on sleep. I definitely should sleep more. Might have a nap now ... ronf ronf ronf

Meanwhile I share a senryu I wrote, holding another magical secret to remain young: laughter and fun .... besides LOVE of course!

As long as we laugh,
play and have fun together
our love will be safe

Love, Margherita Smile Animated1
Thank you Margherita for sharing those beautiful words:

As long as we laugh,
play and have fun together
our love will be safe.

Happiness is not only good in itself
but it is very beautiful.
~Native American


Photos (1)
Hello girls! You are such a sweet company and always stimulating. Dear Sue, to play with Zelda, my cat, is actually the only exercise I do regularly! We play with the little balls and she is such a good doorkeeper, haha. I applaud her when she catches a great ball and she is proud. My exercise consists in collecting from the floor all the balls again and again ... When we are tired we relax and she happily purrs. If I stop too soon, she cries heartwrenchingly, so that I HAVE to stay a little longer.

Love and hugs. Margherita Smile tiger


Photos (1)
Sweet ladies, at the moment I can't think of any exercise, it's time to go to sleep and ..... well hopefully I will have my exercises done in the dreams ... I might FLY, oh what intense pleasure that is .... OK in the morning a little stretching in front of the open window!

Joy of freedom by Rassouli

I love this artist!

Love, Margherita Smile

Zelda watched me while doing my stretching in the morning, after all we have learned from the cats! Just a few movements well done already give a good feeling. Of course what is important is that we do it regularly, which means to get up a little bit earlier ..... which means that we should go to bed a little bit earlier ...... ok doing just that now!

I am having a two days managerial course and you know I had difficulty, especially after lunch, to keep my eyes open, even though it was really interesting. Only during the team-exercise I felt my energy growing again.

Good night and sweet dreams.
Love, Margherita Smile
That's perfect for the start, dear Inda!
Stretching, stretching ....
Isn't it great, that there are always Mondays coming up, when we shall begin exercising, dieting etc.!!
Today I have the intention of at least walking a little ....
Happy Valentine's Day to all.
Love, Margherita Smile
Dear Inda that must have been fun yesterday! hmmmm ...... I must go and reach for a praline myself now husband was so nice and got me some Ferrero Rocher in a heart-shaped box and with a little poem of his!! Useless to say that I appreciated both.

Ok, on Monday, no excuses!
Love, Margherita Smile
Time to relax, after the shopping, carrying those heavy bags is also an exercise!

Dear Lilie,
I have been very lazy as well, not to mention Sue Cat2.Margherita at least has been walking.

I am afraid Vicky said she will get after us tomorrow(Monday) and I think she means it.

To warm myself up for the action I did my yoga this morning.

Good of you to be on a diet. A medical friend once told me that the best way to diet is to eat most healthy foods, but just eat small portions. That seems to work well for me. I do limit my dessert intake during the week.

Here is more love for you to help you keep to the diet


Photos (1)
Wow, dear Inda, thank you for sharing those beautiful Hawaiian sayings!

The world needs the light of love. It needs the peace of it, the blessing of it, and the purifying qualities it possesses.

Lately, I am not very good in dieting ... always beginning on Monday!!!

Today I was in the mood of walking quickly, but my husband said "don't run" ... so I slowed down. When I walk with my daughter, she is the one to run of course and I seem slow to her. That's it, different paces, but at least we all walk.

Walking in silence
nature whispers love to us
and deep peace unfolds

A haiku for you.

With all my love.
Margherita Smile
All right everyone,
Monday is here BBall

I did my yoga and I walked to work- 2km,
and I am walking back home. Even though it is still cold here, it felt like this:
(I am not the one that is trying to sneak back)

[This message was edited by Inda on Monday February 16th, 2004 at 03:05 AM.]


Photos (1)
This is Monday morning here, and I see we have a pretty good start BBall CoolDance

Lunch looks healthy also, and a little bit of bread will do no harm. Just remember to have a nutricious dinner, maybe some fish, vegetables and another salad.You can add a little rice or potatoes, but keep the portions small. Those who are allowed to drink milk, that is also good. I usually sprinkle some nuts on my salad or vegetables. Drink lots of fluids.

Have a nice day. Wave
Hi Girls.
I got enough exercise with my cats this morning, trying to give them their medication and keeping Oliver from eating Lilie's food.

Keep to the diet Karima. I once belonged to "Weightwatchers" and they also recommended smaller portions. This works well for me. At the moment I don't have a weight problem, but my cholesterol level is high, so I need to watch my diet again. Let us keep the goodies for the weekend!

Sue Cat Cat2
Dear Friends,
I kept my promise...did my yoga, walked to work and back, and now I am in the mood to climb up these terraces and be inspired to enjoy the view.

This brings a poem to my mind :

Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit keeps the goal in mind,
but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.
Climb slowly, steadily, enjoying each passing moment; and the view from the summit will serve as a fitting climax for the journey.

~ Harold V. Melchert


Photos (1)
Very brave of you Lilie Nut
Are we swimming or rafting Surf

Well ,since we are all so eager, I thought we might attempt something a bit more challenging.
can you see the little mountain goat high up on the right...that's who we are visiting

Hafiz is encouraging us along with this poem:


Out of a great need
We are holding hands
And climbing.
Not loving is letting go.
The terrain around here
Is far too dangerous
For that.


Photos (1)
I see it was definitely worth the climb.
We made it to the top.Good exercise everyone!
Enjoy the view!


I long for you so much
I follow barefoot Your frozen tracks

That are high in the mountains
That I know are years old.

I long for You so much
I have even begun to travel
Where I have never been before.

Hafiz, there is no one in this world
Who is not looking for God.

Everyone is trudging along
With as much dignity, courage
And style

As they possily



Photos (1)
I have just returned from a long and exhausting trip, so I am afraid I will not be exercising.

I am very glad to find you all still here, so I will sip my coffee and enjoy watching the images.
The image of spring is beautiful, Karima. I just returned from France, where it is a lot milder than here, but your picture has the promise of spring.

Everyone did well last week.

Thank you for the promise of spring Karima,
I can't wait for it to come.

Now it is a new week and keep up the exercises BBall. you too Sue!! BBall Gisele has an excuse, she needs to rest from her trip. Not too much coffee Gisele!

Have a nice week everyone.
Hello Ladies Wave2

Guess what, I joined a health club and actually went and took a yoga class there tonight. Didn't get home until 9 PM...hahaha BBall

Now what do you say Vicky Confused
I am planning to go there 3 times a week on top of my walking UFO

Now here is something especially for Lilie,
but actually I will share it with you all


Photos (1)
This will put a rejuvenating song in your hearts

...Chirp of spring to me,
Sparrows from your tree.

Never mind the showers;
Chirp about the flowers
While you build a nest:
Straws from east and west,
Feathers from your breast,
Make the snuggest bowers
In a world of flowers...

From APRIL by: Christina Rossetti


Photos (1)
Dear Lilie,
This image is so lovely,
it is truly food for the soul.

Vicky is right we need to look after the soul as well as the body. Happiness and love are the best medicine.

I couldn't resist this silly little picture,
sorry about the quality, but the original was very small


Photos (1)

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