This feels so good Lilie,
just to stand in the rain; but I think it is time to move a bit, so how about a nice walk through the fields in the rain


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Beautiful, peaceful images yes ..... we still long for rain!
Yesterday, it was the religious feast of Assumption of the Virgin Mary, on seven different squares in Rome, the town authorities had organised MUSIC AND DANCE .... Despite the heat people participated in great number! We went on Piazza del Popolo, which was magically lighted and found a refreshing breeze near one of the fountains. Of course we did NOT dance, just listened to the music and enjoyed the nice atmosphere. The Major came to say hello, he had just come back from New York. Somebody said that Rome was dirty ..... he - Veltroni is his name - answered that Rome was one of the most clean and tidy cities he knew .... after NY you can believe it probably.
Anyway it was fun. But the ambulance was ready to help fainting people .... surely there were some, the heat is crazy and to dance in the heat is even crazier surely.

Only one part of Piazza del Popolo ....

Piazza del Popolo with St. Peter
This one is too big to post it directly.

Well then DANCE!
Love, Margherita Smile


I’m open to love
my heart invites you to dance
come share my delight

senryu by Margherita
Dear Inda

You probably don´t know that fields with poppies make me very happy...look what I found


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Thank you Margherita and Lilie,
what a beautiful shot of Rome,
and I do love that umbrella; wherever did you find that ,Lilie?

Since the heat is still there, I think it is time to stop the dance and get into this mode


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Dear Inda,

I am smiling, often you bring me to places never visited...I so much like Bernard...
and on my excursions I met this lady...( van gogh museum)

artist Charles-Henri Cordier

Thank you Lilie,
She is an absolute beauty.
I will add one mor before we go back to the serious exercise:

The Egyptian


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Dear Inda

I guess letting ourselves be touched and the ground of our slowing down...

I am just back from this movie,



ps. thanks for remining of serious exercises
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Dear Lilie,
the image of that movie is really shaking me up,
no need to do excruciating exercise.

Maybe this will be nice for a change


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It is Monday and the start of a new week,
so we better keep exercising and eating good food.

I really like the dog.

So, You All thought you could ignore me Mad

I..'ll show you how to exercise and stay young!!!...and my brain just loves this Big Grin


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....I am so afraid...fear is not slowing down
the aging process...I will have to build up some courage...heard that full breath practices
can help....

I see we all are still exercising.
I am beginning to enjoy watching everyone.
I will just sit here, relaxed, enjoying my coffee..stress-free exercise.

Well, Kitty really felt sorry for the mouse and now she decided to be friends with all.
She is joining the exercises and is learning punchball.


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