Music is relaxing and soothing to the soul.
I used to play piano, but haven't done so in a long time.


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Today is Sunday, so I'm going to be a bit lazy.
I'll fiddle with my plants, trim them, feed them and just simply enjoy looking at them.

Everyone should keep some plants, either on a window sill, a balcony or a garden. It is restful and soothing to work with plants.
Always keep some flowers in your home and if possible at your workplace. One single flower will do. If you haven't got a vase, a colorful or interestingly shaped pop bottle will do.


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Dear Inda,

I have planned bringing some plants to my working office when I come back after vacation...and to make the whole room more inviting...


Dear Lilie,
This is a very soothing arrangement of plants,
and a lovely, I think, Lladro figurine.
So restful.

I have a small city garden, but it has as many flowers as I can pack into it, and I love working in it


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I need plants and flowers in the office. At my desk I am practically embraced by a wonderful immense Kentia palmae like this one (mine is bigger!). People coming in sometimes find that I am working in the jungle! haha. I have some smaller plants too. And yes you guessed it, I talk to my plants.
Wonderful silent presences!
Love, Margherita Smile

Mother and Child by Mary Cassat

And for my further wellbeing in the office I have some beautiful pictures/prints hanging on the walls. Sarah, my daughter brought this poster back when she was in Paris and visited the Louvre. I framed it and it is wonderful.

.... it makes me feel the nearness with my daughter.

Love, Margherita Smile
Thank you for sharing Margherita,
What a love filled poster.

I also have many paintings and prints as well as photographs on my walls at home and in the office, and we always have flowers in the office.
We also have devoted one wall in our private sitting area for poetry, most of Eric's poems are hanging there as well as some of yours and Tim Cannon's.

Love, Inda

I don't own the original Monet...hahaha,
just the print


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Good morning everyone.
I hope you are doing your exercises.

I am enjoying your plant and poster pictures.
I also love to work in the garden and keep flowers in my house and at work.

Keep up the exercises. I will check up on you later.

I see everyone is still doing some exercises, but they are getting easyer.

I did mine before I came to work.

I was so delighted reading about the poetry corner in your office...really touched to show something so deep of oneself...

Somebody complained about the exercises getting to easy...what about this?

My goodness, this exercise has been so tough.
Time to take it easy for a bit.

If you have a chance to get to salty ocean water this is very relaxing to the nervous system. It is good for your skin, and it enhances sleep. After all those gruelling exercises I think that we need a bit of this:


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Sauna is considered a very healthy treatment ... you must know it dear Lilie .... but right now here we are in a permanent sauna, without any possibility to run in the snow afterwards, without any refrigerium ..... I think I am dissolving.
No possibility at all to do whatever exercises in this heat. Every movement seems too much .... no energy is left. I only dream of rain to cool the air ....

Longing for raindrops ...

Love, Margherita
Dear Margherita,

Saunas are very good, but not if you have to live in one. I know many parts of Europe are a virtual sauna at the moment, so here is something to cool you down.


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Oh, yes I know saunas, but am not a sauna friend myself...heat is dissolving all energy I have...and I loose all alertness...

I love those images...amazing observing my reactions when seeing them...the feeling of coolness and that of fresh rain...

I would not say no to this...

Dear Lilie,
This looks very relaxing. It is somewhat hot here as well, so I think I am skipping the challenging exercises for a bit more.

I think that this promises some cool
and refreshing rain


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We have rain now, last night a walk in my new rain poncho, there were some light blue strips in the dark cloudy sky



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