I see you are enjoying exercise. These days I have a pain in my right foot and when I walk it hurts, so .... well I can exercise laying on the floor of course.

The ancient Egyptians invented many sports, some for entertainment, and others for keeping strong, physically fit, and slim.

The picture dates back to 2000 years BC. It shows a gymnastics drill in which the body is bent backwards until the hand s touch the ground, revealing bodily flexibility. It is one of the most commonly practiced exercises today.

That's an exercise I love (d) to do! I walked through the apartment in this way ... Now I am less elastic unfortunately. Well, I can do stretching exercises on the floor and lift up, instead of standing and bending ....

Have a wonderful Sunday, girls.
I love you. Margherita Smile
Hi Margherita,
Nice to see you back exercising with us. I love the image and the explanation about the Egyptians' exercise.

I am sorry about your foot. Razzython:
Depending on the injury, ice or heat may be good.

I am truly amazed at your flexibility.

Here is an image of Shu separating Nut, the sky, and Geb, the earth. After travelling along the underside of Nut's body by day, the sun is swallowed by the goddess each evening and passes through her body with the stars during the night, to be reborn at sunrise.


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Dear Margherita, I am sorry to hear about your foot, hope it is soon passing. My feet are both aching...so here an image of a foot....by putting it here I pray for the healing of your foot ( and mine too) and other´s aching feet too

With Love

Hi Lilie,
This Croco looks so friendly and he has beautiful teeth.

We should remember to keep our teeth healthy by brushing after all meals, flossing once a day and stimulating. Children should not consume sweets unless they can brush their teeth right after.Too much sugar should be avoided by all of us in any case.

Here is someone who takes good care of his teeth.


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Oh, dear Lilie and Inda, thank you so much for caring for my foot! I just discovered your lovely pics and advice. Well ... it actually still hurts, even if a little less. I have had little time to relax and do things that would help.
My husband has been nice enough to massage the foot every evening with a Dr. Scholl's product. And I am treating it with energy. It's strange, when I treat it (touching it with my hand) it's as if something circulated inside and it shifts ... well I know this sounds strange! But I feel it and I know it helps.

Girls I love you.

Meanwhile, I will nonetheless go for a walk.


Isn't it amazing how beautiful these women are who are able to carry great weights on their heads. They walk so straight and elegantly.
Dear Margherita,
You may have a sprained ankle or a torn ligament. Sending healing prayers to your foot.

Here is a lady I have posted before, but she also seems to carry the weight effortlessly,
so I will bring her back once more.


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Beautiful picture Inda and such grace, indeed. I love the exercise with the book on the head for us city-ladies, so we won't lose the habit to walk straight.

Dear Lilie I wish you well also for your feet. Let's relax them for a while. No, dear Inda, it's not the ankle or the legament. I will find a picture to show you.

Meanwhile relaxing ... after the walk which was painful!

It's there, at the bottom of the foot, but higher up ... it might be a question of weight distribution which has caused a thickened skin area .. must see a podologue

Loooove, Margherita Smile

.... oh, on my walk I have had a wondrous vision of the full moon ..... Watch out!

Sennerin von Carl Spitzweg

Along with this picture I have found a nice comment on art:

„Die einzig wahre Quelle der Kunst ist unser Herz, die Sprache eines reinen kindlichen Gemütes.“
von Caspar David Friedrich

"The only true source of art is our heart, it speaks in the pure language of a child"

... going to listen to my heart ...

Love, Margherita Smile
Hi Gisele and Vicky.
Nice to see you here.

It is OK to enjoy a cup of coffee, Gisele, providing you don't overdo it.

It is also important to have a good breakfast. This will give you energy to start the day and it will prevent you from getting hungry. This way you avoid unnecessary snacks inbetween meals.


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Love is healing and rejuvenating; it adds light to the spirit and the soul.


The subject tonight is love.
and for tomorrow night as well.
As a matter of fact,
I know of no better topic
For us to discuss
Until we all

Artist: Dante Gabriel Rossetti


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Dear Inda

Amazing, yesterday I wrote this poem, with love Lilie

I have this pulling sensation,
feeling drawn into myself.

The Hebrew word Kadosh
is repeated itself over
and over....in my heart


as a magnetic touch
from all sides,
immersed in holiness

Not even knowing
what is outside
or inside

A strong sense of presence
Above, above
All birds in air

Below, below
All earth's flowers

Inland, inland
all forest trees

Seaward, seaward
All ocean's fish

Sing out and say
Again the refrain

Behold this lovely world

~Mary Kawena Pukui , Hawaiian


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Dear Lilie,
Joining you for a walk in the dark.

Better stop drinking so much coffee and come with us for a walk, Gisele!

Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight.

~American traditional


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I came back from my walk, which was good exercise. We should walk every day, no matter what the weather is like. This is the best exercise.
Now I am drinking some warm, soothing and relaxing camomile tea, enjoying the view through a wet windowpane.

~Artist: Jeanne Carbonetti


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So do I, dear Lilie! I have been to see the podologue and I do feel a little better, but he said the pain was not dependent on the thin layer of hard skin he removed. So I will have to analyse this further.

Oh, but this morning I so enjoyed to walk along a street full of plane-trees which are loosing all their leaves ... there was a golden carpet to walk on ... and there was the breeze. I said to my husband "let me stand still and close my eyes and feel and listen to the breeze playing with the dry leaves". That was beautiful until a car roared by ...

I got the impression of the leaves, the older ones turning into dust .... hmmm. Time will come.

Meanwhile, I enjoyed your exercises! Puff puff puff .... not for me!

Dancing yes ... dancing on the leaves which crackle under the feet ...

Love, enjoy the Sunday!
Margherita Smile

Wow, girls, I am moving once again to Deepak Chopra's and David Simon's "Grow younger" ... grow younger, live longer, move harder, love stronger ... that's FANTASTIC! Do I feel the pain in my foot? NOOOOOOO....

Wildly dancing children by Emil Nolde

... feeling like a child for some precious, healing moments.
Love, Margherita
Joining in that dance Violin CoolDance CoolDance CoolDance CoolDance

This is excellent exercise, but I think you should get that foot looked at again before you dance too much, Margherita. Sending healing energy to your foot.

~Artist: Degas


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Dear Lilie,
I am pleased that you like the image.
Let us catch the beauty of the Lilie as its petals unfold.

Now I am back to the dance and I found these words by Norman MacLean:

I sat on the riverbank and forgot and forgot,
until what remained was the river that went by
and I who watched. On the river the heat mirages
danced with each other and then they danced
through each other and then they joined hands and danced around each other. Eventually the watcher joined the river, and there was only one of us.
I believe it was the river.


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Dear Lilie,
Your post is beautiful.
Nothing at all is out of context, just post whatever you feel like posting.

I think we need a rest again. It has been very busy at work. I have done my daily yoga and I have been walking.

Just Sit There

Just sit there right now.
Don't do a thing.
Just rest.

For your separation from God
Is the hardest work in this world.

Let me bring you trays of food
And something
That you like to drink.

You can use my soft words
As a cushion
For your


Artist: Berthe Morisot


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Dear Lilie,
Your image is spectacular.

To keep us young and healthy,
we need a lot more love.
We also need light. When the dark season sets in a lot of people get sad and depressed.
Sharing more love will help.

The sun is love. The lover,
a speck circling the sun...



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Love rests on no foundation.
It is an endless ocean,
with no beginning or end.
a suspended ocean,
riding on a cushion of ancient secrets.
All souls have drowned in it,
and now dwell there.
One drop of that ocean is hope,
and the rest is fear.


Since it is still Friday, I will try to do a bit more exercise because when the weekend is truly here I will find an excuse to be lazy and just rest.


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