Hello Everyone.
My friend has been busy so I haven't been here in a while. Glad to see we are still exercising.
Actually I see we are resting more than exercising. I guess this is anti aging for the soul and the body as well. I keep forgetting, anti-aging is the topic. I am still drinking my coffee and enjoying all this.

Such beautiful pictures! I just found this "Source of life" ......water water water ..... to slow down the aging process, remember girls that we have to drink much much water .... possibly from the crystal clear sources ....

Sorgente di vita by Raimondo Cardelli

Love and hugs. Margherita Smile
Now I feel lazy again, after all this boxing.
My excuse is the long Thanksgiving weekend here.
So I will just go and sit under a tree for a bit and read some Rumi.

"The ground's generosity takes in our compost
and grows beauty.
Try to be more like the ground."


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How I loved to jump over the stones in mountain rivers ....Wow the autumn colors are gorgeous and the air of the woods is always healing too ...
Not sure if I can do this still? I will not know, there is no mountain river around ...
Meanwhile doing breathing exercises!
Love to all. Margherita Smile
Breathing exercises are good, and so is looking at the colors. Taking care of the feet is also important.

Those animals are so cute.

I am at my cottage now and I just walked through the woods, breathing in the pure air. On my way I found some beautiful colored leaves which I will put in a vase. Looking at those beautiful colors will really make me feel good.


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