The light of Dolphins by Jane Nussbaum

To swim in the light
follow the playful dolphins
they show you the way

Just dreaming of swimming and dancing with dolphins, which would be the most fantastic physical and spiritual exercise!

Love, Margherita
ps Yes, Karima, there are specific rules for haiku and senryu, I will find some site for you as soon as possible.
I came across something very different...looking funny

I can myself look up a site on haikus and senryo, this will save you time, thank you anyway...


Also found this picture of a water whirling
and thought is gave such a strong feeling
of this element. the name of the artist is
Leif Svensson


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Dear Karima, this water whirling is beautiful .. the light dancing on it. The light will not be swallowed by it. Water whirling reminds me of childhood, when at the lake of Zurich I learned to swim and my mother warned me of these whirls, they take you down in no time. There was one near where we went to bath, but we knew it and never approached that fascinating but dangerous water play.
Yes this picture shows the power!

Catnap ballet photo by Trisha Flynn

Wishing you such intense and glorious peace ... aren't they totally relaxed and immersed in their dreams?!

Sending you much love, Margherita Smile
dear Margeritha, those cats are so wondefully relaxed and together...
With the name Trisha I came to think of Trisha Browns dance company...

it is an image of a wheel

Dear Margherita, wish my pussy cats would look as relaxed !! Fabulous picture. We are very peaceful at home at the moment as Ollie is back in the vets. He is missed by 2 uprights but I think the furry one of the three of us (Lily) is very happy. Still he is coming home tomorrow, so deep breaths and off we go again. Sue. Cat2 Cat2

Dear Sue, I hope that Ollie is back home and well and happy together with you.

Beautiful movements dear Lilie!

Love, Margherita Smile


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Dear Margherita. Thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes, Ollie is back home. The Vet has grown so fond of him she didn't want to release him. He is an adorable little chap. "Not so" says Lily!!!! Sue. Cat2 Cat2
Dear Lilie, thank you for your message. I think finally my Lily is learning to accept Ollie. They met face to face yesterday and instead of a big hiss, she turned her back and walked away.That is an improvement from last week. Wish my Lily was as nice as you, Lilie. Sue. Cat2
Well, dear Lilie, none of us I think is ALWAYS nice ... we are in need of balance surely, sometimes we are soaring high and able to love as we are meant to and sometimes we are in a low mood and then we cause others to escape ...

Anyway, I think, isn't it time to welcome back our dearest Inda?

In case, I will now look for a bunch of flowers ... well she may have had the flowers around her neck in Hawaii .... we might add the warmth of a hug to say we missed her and we are happy that she is about to materialise here again!

Love and light, dear Lilie.

for Inda ... may the Angels protect you on your way home

Marc Chagall - Der Blumenstrauss der den Himmel erleuchtet ... fuer Inda
Dear Margeritha

Yes, I think you are is about time
for Inda to return..and I would welcome her
with a hug and you are right about kindess, we all have our sides

Hello Everyone,
It is nice to be back on Givnology. Inda will probably be back tomorrow. We are all recovering from our long trips so I don't think we will be exercising too much this week; probably sleeping whenever we can, but not on the job Snoring. Nice to see all the beautiful pictures.

Welcome back, dear Vicky. You have been missed and it is so nice to see you safely home. Hope you had a wonderful time home!

Much love, Margherita Smile
Dear Friends,
I am home and couldn't help but come and say 'Hello' to you all tonight Wave2,before i go to sleep.
After a very long flight and two sleepless nights it is actually good to be back on Givnology.

Like Vicky, I feel exercise will not be on my schedule this week CoolDance, but a lot of sleep Snoring.

I am overwhelmed by all your beautiful gifts of flowers and send you a hug and a kiss Ladysman and a lot of Aloha.
There is a beautiful Hawaiian saying:

Aloha exists beyond motives,
desires, or opinions. It is sustained
by love, fortified by compassion,
and it expands in power and beauty
as we give it away to all who come
into our lives.



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Thank you for the warm welcome Margherita, and the beautiful flowers.
I had a very nice time at home. The weather was beautiful. Here it is really winter, but it is nice to come to Givnology.

All these hugs are so comforting.
Givnology makes all things feel much better.
It gives a message of kindness and friendship.

Hugs from Vicky
Dear Friends,
Sending you all many more hugs from a landscape that I am in at the moment, but Givnology sends the warmth of the sun.

Love, Inda


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Girls, dear friends, I don't want to miss the welcome back hugs!
I am here and reach out.
Here in Rome the weather has been very sunny today and not cold. I had a feeling of hearing birds sing with a hint of Spring in their voice ...

Love and hugs. Margherita Smile
Dear Margherita and Everyone,

More hugs to you all from the land of snow.
Hugging is good for us. It opens the door to love.


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I am not able to post images in the office but I am sending you all many hugs.It makes us feel appreciated and loved.

Vicky Love2Ladysman sweety Ladysman Love2
We need a certain number of hours of sleep. If we are constantly sleep deprived we will forshorten our lives.
This weekend I am going to catch up on all the sleep that I missed.


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Dear Inda, I think you are right with your considerations on sleep. I definitely should sleep more. Might have a nap now ... ronf ronf ronf

Meanwhile I share a senryu I wrote, holding another magical secret to remain young: laughter and fun .... besides LOVE of course!

As long as we laugh,
play and have fun together
our love will be safe

Love, Margherita Smile Animated1
Thank you Margherita for sharing those beautiful words:

As long as we laugh,
play and have fun together
our love will be safe.

Happiness is not only good in itself
but it is very beautiful.
~Native American


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These pictures are so cute.
I guess it is time to get back into the routine.
Time to start doing some exercises, eat good food ,sleep enough and be kind to each other.
Have a nice day everyone.

CoolDance BBall Angel2 UFO Bounce Abducted bat Juggle Surf

I am definitely not exercising, since I get enough at home with my two cats Cat Cat2

Have fun exercising everyone CoolDance BBall

Sue Cat Cat2
Hello girls! You are such a sweet company and always stimulating. Dear Sue, to play with Zelda, my cat, is actually the only exercise I do regularly! We play with the little balls and she is such a good doorkeeper, haha. I applaud her when she catches a great ball and she is proud. My exercise consists in collecting from the floor all the balls again and again ... When we are tired we relax and she happily purrs. If I stop too soon, she cries heartwrenchingly, so that I HAVE to stay a little longer.

Love and hugs. Margherita Smile tiger


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Hi Margherita,
What beautiful cats Cat2Cat2, but I see that nobody is eager to do any real exercise.
So I will just join everyone, but only for a few more days; then it is back to real workout.


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Your daughter's cats are absolutely beautiful,
Margherita.Thank you for sharing them with us.

Your exercise routine is my idea of a workout. That is as much as I want to get Cat Cat2

Sue Cat2 Cat
The cats are so beautiful Margherita.
Thank you for the picture.

Looks like you and Sue get enough exercise with the cats.

I really think that we should start a more active program again. We used to run up stairs and mountains. What happened?

Vicky BBall
Sweet ladies, at the moment I can't think of any exercise, it's time to go to sleep and ..... well hopefully I will have my exercises done in the dreams ... I might FLY, oh what intense pleasure that is .... OK in the morning a little stretching in front of the open window!

Joy of freedom by Rassouli

I love this artist!

Love, Margherita Smile

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