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Red giant meeting

Walking at the pace
of my favorite dreams
I lifted my head
to stop dead in my tracks
as the rising full moon,
huge and blushing like a red giant,
punched me right into the center
of my solar plexus.
Gasping for air
I swelled and stretched
to his magnetic pull
expanding my surface
becoming an endless ocean
shivering to the moonlight
fingers’ irresistible touch.

Pulled into the moon’s domain
I saw you as you approached me
through the portal of its halo,
beckoning so powerfully
in between two pine trees,
expressly chosen to feature
in this uniquely charming play.

Caught by magic’s performance
we then moved into each other
while the red giant welcomed us
within his knowing amiable smile
and hid us upon his glowing face

where we still continue our dance.

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Aaahhhhhhh dearestestestest dpm (dancing pearly Margherita) you are so amazing! Asian Such beautiful words! Colors Typing Clap

Originally posted by dear Margherita:

...I saw you as you approached me
through the portal of its halo...
Ha ha! You saw me in the portal of the moon's halo... mmm...

So many intoxicatingly breathtaking replies here, I simply love Yoko's:

I saw it was smiling; it was enjoying your poetry, casting a beautiful light on it, making us all feel happy and peaceful.

Such a beautiful event is taking place...

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul....) Viking Violin Dancers Love2 Hug

May I have this dance?


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