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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!
I was left alone
in a room
without openings
it seemed
no light or meaning

Nothing entered
except the song of birds
and some musical tones.
Secluded inside,
as a zombie in the world
trying to make sense
and find an outlet.

This was my life
as long as I can

I have had glimpses
of awakening, lightening
up the room fully
to show there do exists
doors after doors

Now beams of light
reach me every day
and the mind is
slowly opening
trying to find words
and pictures of

The me want to be
expressed from all

And I am grateful
that you are here
with me making this
to be possible
in this special way


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Dear Lilie, it is a gift to me that you share so beautifully your process of "opening the windows" and reuniting with the light again. You ARE light and love and you KNOW. Slowly the barriers created by your mind in reaction to the world's happenings around you, are disintegrating .... and nothing will stand between you and the light and love which is and of which we are part.
You express yourself beautifully. Sometimes "beautiful poetry" is just part of the healing process, a means to survive in that room where often we find ourselves exposed to the creeping in of sadness.
Love, Margherita Smile

Light through trees - Photo by Tony Howell
Dear Lilie,
How very beautiful these blossoms are.
They bloom in the garden of my soul.

I looked at that little stream,
and took a dip to see what was under the water.
And see...another beautiful painting by nature,
which is very caressing and soothing to the soul.
Photo by: Leni Riefenstahl

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