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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

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The reason it showed up in today's topics is because it is one of YOUR topics.. only you and invited people will see that. Cool huh?

I'm just getting the hang of it myself! It's a quantum growth from Private Messages.. great stuff. Let me know how you l ike it dear Sylvie.

Lovebeams, Teo Wink

ps. notice no limit on smileys either? Big Grin Big Grin Big Grint
Hey Teo,

I lost your telephone number that you wrote on the old business card. So I can's call you to bug you to get you to help fix the stuff on my web site. So, hope you get this. Any way I don't think I going to be working on that right now. I'm going to do that when your around so that I can bug (molest) you.

hasta la vista, Evelyn
We are trying to BRING BACK the private topics forum, as the first in the list, giving instant access to private communications.

Also we are trying to get integration with chatting services - instant messanging - to work.

Please if you have an instant messanging service use your profile to state your availability and assist us to help connect more and more loving people! Thanks googles. Admin.

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