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My dear friends, let us pray as St. Paul advised us to pray, he said "give grace and do as if you had already received" ...

Our dear Sandy will be undergoing delicate surgery tomorrow.



We praise the Divine Healing Spirit permeating all things.

Dear Sandy will be free of pain and she will have a speedy recovery.

Holding you, dear Sandy, close within my heart in the awareness that everything is going to be all right.

Love and gratitude.
Margherita 2Hearts

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Thank you dear friends for joining in prayer for dear Sandy.
She told me the doctor said it would take her two weeks to recover and to be released for home. So probably we shall hear from her then. Maybe next week I will try to reach her or her husband or son on the phone to know something.
Continuing together with you to pray for her speedy recovery.

God bless you all.

Love and hugs to all of you.
Margherita 2Hearts
My Dear, Dear Friends!

You have all made me cry this morning! How wonderful for all your prayers for me! I have just learned this morning of this prayer for me through Margherita! Thank you My heart sister for starting this prayer!

I am doing so well! Still a bit sore from surgery, but most of my symtoms are gone, especially the constant headache! And I have feeling back in my fingers! YAHOOIE!!! And I know your prayers played a role in this being such a success for me! I have even been gardening already! Slowly, but oh my, what a joy to be able to do this and enjoy it again! OH!! And I can spend more time at the computer also!!! Typing

If anyone ever has a disc problem which requires surgery, please check into total disc replacement versus fusion! Fusions take up to 6 months to heal. I was out of the hospital the next day, without wearing a hard cervical collar, which is necessary for 3 months with a fusion, and no limitation except to watch how much I lift, nothing over 5 lbs for a few days!
Oh, you still need to take things slower, but please remember this if you ever require any spinal surgery!

You are all precious to me! I thank you one and all, from my heart!
It is wonderful to know I have such great friends all over this world!
Thank you!
I love you all! 2Hearts


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Oh, dear sweet Sandy, here you are! I am so happy that everything went so well and I feel through your words that you are recovering quickly and already you feel again the enthusiasm of doing the things you love to do. Like gardening! Your dogs also must be very happy to have you home again!
I am sending a deep deep prayer of gratitude to Our Lord of Heavens and to St. Pio also and to the Angels for assisting you so perfectly well and for guiding the doctor's hands, allowing the surgery to be perfectly successful and allowing you to heal so quickly.
Thank you also for your precious advice, which might be useful one never knows.
It must be wonderful to have no headaches anymore ... you really can say that you are experiencing a new "joie de vivre" alltogether!

God bless you, dearest Sandy.
Thank you for coming in here ... our friends will be happy to find your words.
All my love and big hugs.
Margherita 2Hearts
It is wonderful to hear from you Sandy and I am very glad that the surgery was a success.

Thank you for the useful information. All of us have some sort of disc problems, mostly work or trauma related, and it is good to know what to do in case we need surgery.

Enjoy the work in your garden. Summer is a lovely time to enjoy the plants and flowers.

Aaaahh.. or should I say..


It is so heart warming hearing from you, well. Mmm.. 2Hearts
Originally posted by dear Inda:
Dear Sandy,

I am so happy that you are doing well.
Thank you for coming and sharing the good news with us.

Have a wonderful and relaxing rest of the summer.

Love, Inda

Amen and Awomen!

Love and MOON LIGHT BEING, Teom Love2 Wave2 CoolDance Doggy Doggy

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Ahhh!! You Guys!!!
You all remembered things close to my heart! The wolves, the Goldens, Gardens!
Thank you! All of you!
I had my 2 week post op this morning! Doc is very pleased with my progress! So am I! Your prayers and these Angels that God has sent to me and my family surely played a key role in this whole process!
I am Grateful! You all are truly my angels here on earth!

I am hoping to be able to stay on the computer more as time progresses. Something about the way I sit I guess, but then, many people can't sit long at a desk either! And they have good necks! I now have a bionic neck!

I cannot wait to spend the days in my garden! There is so much to do, it is not as neat as usually, very weedy! But I will catch up!
I love you!


My beautiful Sandy,
it is great to hear that your doctor and you are both satisfied with the progress you make! Enjoy your magnificent garden, but don't worry about the weed, I always feel compassion for the poor weed that is pulled out! I love every tiny little leaf ...
I have not yet recovered from the pain and sorrow for my Pine tree down in the street that has been cut. Every time I look at the trunk I feel my knees weaken ...
Anyhow, I have not come in here to complain! I am so deeply GRATEFUL for you being well and recovery proceeding well too.
I do hope you will be able to share more here on givnology, it is a pleasure you know to have you around!
Tomorrow will be full moon? I believe yes. We shall send each other thoughts of love and friendship then. Watch out!
Sending all my love and big hugs.
Funny I had not seen the crawl in the avatar of Teo ... isn't he cute? Not only cute, he is also beautiful and a wonderful musician. We love Teo-Chopinerace!
Be well, my heart sister!
Margherita 2Hearts

Wanted to finda picture, but Franco calls ... it's dinner time! will be back!
I have seen The moon tonight!Glorious!!!!We have clear skies tonight!

My heart was touched knowing you also were looking and sending your love and prayers..and I of course sent mine love and prayers right back to you!
How wonderful that so many miles stretch between us yet we can connect through this moon floating in the heavens!
Ahh..such wonder!
Of course I also sent my love and prayers to all here on Givnology!
Ti amo my heart sister, Ti amo!


Oh, my dear Sandy, how beautiful your picture too and your words. Thank you so much for the heart connection and prayers sent!

I wrote a little haiku yesterday evening after posting the picture and dedicate it to you:

Full moon connection:

secret whispers to and fro

sigh waves entrap hearts

Of course now I must find another picture to go with this, though the one above is perfect ... but well here comes a special one for you ...

Dear Sandy,

I have been away for a while and so I missed sending you a prayer. I am glad to know that the surgery was successful and that you are feeling much better already.
Sending you prayers now for a very speedy recovery.
have a nice rest of the summer.

The moon is so magical , and it is smiling as it looks down on us all.

Last edited by yoko
Dear Margherita and Sandy,

looking down on you two the moon is having a ball.

Hi yoko,
welcome back.

Continuing to send you prayers dear Sandy.
May you be completely healed.

Love, Inda

The sky was lit
by the splendor of the moon
So powerful
I fell to the ground

Your love
has made me sure

I am ready to forsake
this worldly life
and surrender to the magnificence
of your Being

- Rumi
Last edited by Inda
Joining in the moon-dance dear friends.
May the moon's silver shimmer embrace you all with happiness, joy and good health.

Amen! and Awomen! Bounce Abducted Angel

I've been reading this book by the great pianist Hélène Grimaud, and you know who the picture makes me think of! In a section where Hélène talks of the psychic nature of animals, page 74, she says:

And what can we say about Mohilov, the Duke of Enghien's dog, who had to be dragged away by force from his master, who was being taken away to be executed in the moat of the Chateau de Vincennes? As soon as he was released, the dog ran off at top speed and found his way to the cemetary where, whimpering, he lay on the duke's tomb. No doubt Mohilov would have died, had the duke not stipulated in his will that the greatest care should be taken of his faithful -- his most faithful -- companion.

Love and *LIGHT* *BEING*, Teom Doggy CoolDance Beethoven Violin Dancers Wave2 Wave2

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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Originally posted by dear Sandy:
I have never heard of Helene Grimaud, but you have peeked my interest in her.

p141 The wolf pup must be socialized, and socialized relentlessly, from when it is only a few weeks old. The social bonds that the animal will maintain later in life are formed in earliest infancy. To make the deepest imprint, the best and most efficient means of socialization involve physical contact -- caresses, games, looks, and keeping the pup close by -- as well as bringing food even before the pup is weaned.. Wolves also became of vital importance during the Paleolithic era.. They used wolves to track and, above all, to pursue game.

At the same time, the tamed wolf, with which the hunters shared their prey, became dependent on humans for food. Selectively bred, the animal lost qualities inherent to the wild species and gradually evolved toward the dog -- it became smaller, its shape changed, and its muzzle shortened. This is what is called neoteny, i.e., the retention of juvenile characteristics in the adults of a species.

p192 Like the fox, the wolf (Canis lupus) is a member of the Canidae family. Members of this family have five toes on each forefoot, forty-two teeth, and an elongated muzzle. Along with the domesticated dog, the jackal, and the coyote, it forms the Canis genus, characterized by a pronounced forehead, a somewhat shorter tail, and a less pointed muzzle.

The wolf measures about 55 inches long, the tail adding 12 to 20 inches to this. Its weight ranges between 60 and 180 pounds...

p272 In Mongolia, horsemen used eagles to track wolves. In America, the Comanche caught them with lassos and killed them with spears. Just like bounty hunters, professionals hired by the governors of Colorado and other states tracked wolves to their lairs, where they exterminated the litters.

Today, the species is extinct in Ireland, the United Kingdom, France (the wolves that roam there came from Italy through the Alpine passes), Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Hungary. And the hunt continues in Eastern Europe, Mongolia, China, and in the Balkans. It was only in 1979 that the Berne Convention finally declared Canis lupus to be a protected species.

Dear Sandy, please look into buying Grimaud's book, it's amazing! Also, she has wonderful organizations to help the wolf!!!

Love and *LIGHT* being, Teom Doggy CoolDance Colors Colors

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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