Photos of Gardens in Kyoto

Photographs by Mizuno Katsuhiko

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In describing his own creations of over 40 years, Kyoto-born photographer Katsuhiko Mizuno has said that nothing in his photos is either purely artificial or purely natural. He always sees someone's hands or glances behind a tree or a rock in the gardens and captures the aura of timeless spirits with his camera. In the old capital of Kyoto even nature unfolds its seasonal cycle in the context of human history.

Japanese culture has been strongly influenced by foreign culture. Japanese gardens experienced a constant transfiguration under foreign influence. However, over the centuries, although in different forms, Japanese gardens maintained some kind of continuity. One of the unique characteristics of the japanese garden is the relationship between man and nature.

Kosei-ji Temple


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Original Post
Thank you yoko for this very beautiful thread of the gardens in Kyoto at different seasons.

I took this picture from your older Japanese Garden post.
It is the Katsura Garden in Kyoto

Everything looks very serene and peaceful.

Love, Inda
Thank you yoko for sharing the beautiful photograph on Givnology. It is very kind of you.

I hope that you had a nice holiday, and we are happy to see you back.


I found a beautiful image of a Kyoto garden on the internet


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Thank you Margherita for your kind reply.

Japanese gardens seem to be in many parts of the world now, and you are right, there is quite an artform in creating them, ond once they are done, they offer a peaceful and serene retreat.



Photos (1)
Dear yoko,

I am happy that you brought back the original topic, and thank you for the lovely pictures of the Kyoto garden with the golden pavilion.

Love, Inda

I am posting a picture here from one of your earlier topics, taken in one of the gardens in Kyoto, as well as the golden pavilion in summer.

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