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Hi Friends and Family,

Ever been in one of those moods, where everything makes so much sense? I am in one of those moods now.

After reading a post by Inda in another thread, it seems to have rocketed me in a whole new and different dimension.

Everything makes so much sense. I don't hate anyone, in fact I have a love for everyone.. even for people I don't even know.

I feel really airy fairy, in the sense that it is almost intoxicating. I feel I could rave on for hours and hours about life, love and God and how everyone is created the same and how everyone is related and Loved by the Father of us all in the same degree.

I feel like I could give lessons on why the birds toil not, not after clothing or food. And how, even though the birds are important creatures that we are more important than they are and should also toil not. For we have faith, and the ability to have that faith in child like manner.

Yes, the Father of us all... He cares for us and wants the best for us.

It all makes sense to me, right now, this moment.

I must go now, some of you may be feeling the urge to chuck.. but I love you as well, perhaps even more.



The mind is like a parachute, it only functions when it is open.
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Hello Snickers,

We pass from one mood to the other
some more intoxicating than others.

Beyond all these changes is the
stillness and peace of the Self which surpass
anything else.

These are thoughts that come as a response to your you notice not a direct answer.

Thank you Snickers, I appreciate your contributions on this site!


Thank you Snickers,
For your beautiful thoughts.

When you accept your moods and your thoughts as they are in the present moment you accept God in all its forms.

Accepting your thoughts and moods as they are now dissolves all borders and boundaries which the mind creates when we start accepting and rejecting things.

When the past memory and the future anticipation are the present now, then there is only the present moment, and your moment is graced with beauty.

There never was and never will be anything like the now.

Love, Inda

Keep those loving thoughts flowing.


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