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On the “law of attraction”

“Asked and you shall received”
How often did I hear that!

Then I came upon books that talked about the law of attraction and how to manifest our most cherish desires. I pondered about it and came to my conclusions. Being closer to the Buddhist and Zen traditions in my own understanding of life, I understood one important thing: blessings shower on us when we understand that we are already complete and that we need nothing! Manifestations also occur we were become a “clearing”…an open space.

As long as we ask with having the feeling of lack in the back of our minds...then we may miss the whole thing. But most people just can't see the blessings that are already in their lives and they always "want" more.

Sometimes to make place for better things to manifest in our lives, situations that may seem difficult to handle do happen: a divorce, the loss of a job etc...
I have been there so I know; I think I was clear and open about important matters in my experience and I brought to myself wonderful new friends and a better mate for myself.

Now, I am at a point in my life and personal evolution where I can see and experience true and deep love on many different levels, with my children, with my boyfriend and with my friends as well as family members.
We, as humans, often place many labels on everything and love is not excluded from this. We have an idea of what love should be or should not be. But what if we opened our hearts a little more?

I have experienced the meaning and joy of unconditional love with my children at first then I realized that it was possible to experience this quality of love with others as well. I was told by a sage man that true love is accepting the other as he/she is or not. He told me that true love requires nothing as well. It then became clear to me that I had to drop the idea that my lover was mine. We are not possessions. We are gifts to one another. I also dropped the idea that I had to be number one at all costs. We can't order love...we just can't have someone love us because they have to! We are their wife/husband, aren't we?? No, it does not work this way. Love is not something that is learned as well.

Love showers on us like rain does. It comes unexpected and we are possessed by it and it gives wings to fly.

My writing projects are underway. The most beautiful and fun experiences are happening...I even was on a TV show and enjoyed the experience very much.
I am not longer a spectator in my life. I take action and I am open to what I bring into my experience.

© Sylvie Giroux 2007
Amritasya Putrah: We are sons of immortality...
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Thank you for posting Sylvie.

Wishing you much happines to come.

." [1] The "law of attraction" states "you get what you think about; your thoughts determine your destiny."

Love, Inda

I am not longer a spectator in my life. I take action and I am open to what I bring into my experience.
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Wow! Such juicy, meaty concersation! InLove Yum

Thank you ever so, dear Staranza Nutty Buddy Sylvie for starting this topic/forum/discussion, and .. yum yum.. allow me to dive in! RaisedBrows

Originally posted by dear danebe007:
...My writing projects are underway. The most beautiful and fun experiences are happening...I even was on a TV show and enjoyed the experience very much.
I am not longer a spectator in my life. I take action and I am open to what I bring into my experience.
It is soooo great to hear/read "the most beautiful and fun experiences are happening..." yay of yays! Applause hey danebe, you are a gem and now you are just experiencing yourself! Asian

Let me back up, to the topic heading. Attraction. Like magnetism - often the key is BE WHAT YOU WISH, it'll simply resonate, gravitate, harmonize and compliment you - itself - naturally. Law of attraction... you stated this very well. I learned much of these types of waaaaay valuable lessons from the old Chopra boards, in learning "how to pray." I would put a prayer - correction - I would put an intention, worded as a want, a desire, an idea. One of the angels there would sometimes rewrite it as a prayer! I learned to say just about anything, as a loving prayer! Really! In addition:

I learned that the best way to state the intention is as if you already have it, and many will say that the desire is the biggest part of manifesting something! Asian So, for example: "Thank you god and angels for the good health I have, great friends, creative gifts and experiences I wish to share. Thank you for the musical and other ideas I have come up with that I wish to share. Thank you for allowing me to put together the greatest method of sharing them with the world, in the best ways for all." And so be it.

I think you are manifesting your highest self, your greatest goals, dear Sylvie, and it is wonderful because instead of "trying," fighting to, pushing your way into, beating down obstacles, you seem to have found the correct path for yourself, and you seem to be sending out positive vibes in all directions, friendship with your ex on a deep level, coming to some of the silent witnessing experiences of what BEING LOVE really is... wowee!!

I'm sooooo glad you are sharing you wonderful experiences with us here, and I send you every possible good vibe and posite energy I can so that you continue to manifest your magical, angelic, heavenly SELF!

Yay to you! 3 cheers to Kiliwia Danebe Genie Sylvie! Yay! Yay! Yay! YOU GO GIRL!!! he he.. Googly

Love and light being, Teo Do (re, mi, fa, soul...) Love2 Hula Hump Ladysman Angel2 CoolDance Wave Wave

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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