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Morpheus calls me
with his soft velvety voice
diffusing instant alert.
I am tempted to surrender
to the mellifluous tentacles
of unconsciousness,
to the irresistible vortex
of silent darkness.

My hesitation to give up
is quickly neutralized.
My eyes are shut
by a higher force.
Like a jealous lover
Morpheus demands
all my attention
no chance to resist
he is always victorious.

What he is not given
spontaneously, he takes,
we ought to keep this in mind,
it is a guarantee to survive.
So here I am relaxing in his arms,
drifting off into dreams.
In Morpheus’ embrace
I explore the world of beyond,
I receive precious gifts
and answers to many doubts.

Health and beauty are
taken care of under the stars
veils are lifted, mysteries unfold,
every night pours out its gold.
And when the soft light of dawn
welcomes me back into Life
I only wish I could remember
the beautiful gifts of the Night
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La Bella Addormentata nel bosco

Thank you dear Sue for reading and for the loving comment!

I was thinking that everybody has fallen under the spell of the God of sleep and dreams!

Should I maybe recite some magical formula to wake up everybody?

Sleeping and dreaming is wonderful and silence too. But I want life back in this place!

Should I write an Ode to Aphrodite? Razz

Smiling and loving you all.
Margherita Abducted Razz chicken Bounce Snoring Snoring Snoring Angel2

Dearest Lilie, thank you for stopping by! We always use to say when we sleep that "we are in the arms of Morpheus", as in Greek mythology he is the son of the god of sleep and was given the role of god of dreams. I was reading recently again about the Olymp and the gods and so when I fought the sleep coming over me (a thing I always do,but it is not healthy!!), I imagined it was just Morpheus claiming me into his realm ...

You can find a lot of material about Morpheus, here are two sites

Love, Margherita Smile

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