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Isn't it odd that we NEVER hear the phrase "Military Intelligence" any more?

Can we please have some brains in government? Thank you!

Maybe it's good enough that some cheater who never served puts on a flight jacket and claims victory. Maybe lying for hours to the UN and the whole world is a new, super smart technique of military intelligence, so incredibly smart that we just can't see it.

The world will get back on course, once the news stops being the snooze - clicking off conscience and consciousness for another 10 minutes, people will awaken and see where the real intelligence lies.. he he..

Peace in the Middle East
Peace in the World
Inner Peace

You can't force peace, only show it.
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Why are you sorry dear Lynette? Did you cause it?!? Wiggum Army DevilTail

I don't think so. Angel

It's funny, in the old days I used to rant and rave with "facts" like this, I mean, it IS true that we never hear that phrase anymore.. again I have the problem that I notice things.. Wall

Lately I more focus on share positive possibilities, rather that take the violence of the world on. About a year ago I had a veeeery strange idea, I stopped playing all the blues and dissonant songs and licks I used to. I felt: "Humans are broken. They need hear only positive relolving music to help mend their inability to love normally." Well, I do talk too seriously to myself.. Googly

So after a while a strange thing happened, less negativity appeared in my life! Maybe, you know, the "vibes" you send out come back eh?

I felt like the instrument of Teo, the musician, was changed into a new "key." Along with the musical change, I sing my positive affirmation songs, keep believing in the positive futures that I have total faith in, and now when I hear my old self "ranting and raving" I just have to laugh. Laughing

Nowadays I know clear well, from real life experience, that some battles are best to sidestep! Find challenges that are not so gruesome, focus on positive thinks.. he he.. Asian

Hey those problems will probably always be here, but dear friends that I can share a smile, joke, funny idea with, these things are a priority! The "light being" in my "signature" I take seriously! We all need to lighten up some times.. Abducted

Tony Brown quoted "Momma:"
If you sleep with dogs,
all you get is fleas.

If you sleep with angels,
you grow wings.

Lately I quote St. Francis:

God please grant me the ability to deal with the things I can change, the humility to leave alone what I can't, and the wisdom to know the difference.

Something like that anyway. So... military intelligence may be an oxymoron, but I have more positive thinks to do.. he he.. Ying

Love and light being, Teo UFO UFO

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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