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From "Power vs Force" page 104
The common belief is that it's the substance itself to which the victim has become addicted, due to that substance's power to create a "high" state of euphoria. But if we reexamine the nature of addiction through the methodology herein, a different formulation of the process emerges...

...The actual effect of drugs is merely to suppress the lower energy fields, thereby allowing the user to exclusively experience the higher ones. It's as though a filter screened out all the lower tones coming from an orchestra so that all that could be heard were the high notes. The suppression of the low notes doesn't create the high ones; it merely reveals them.

I'm addicted to love. Is there a drug that will filter out everything else? he he.. I'm just an "endorfiend" he he.. staying high on natural endorphines.. aaahh yesss..

Well some of the veterans I've met, what they've been through, I can see why they want to be numb..

Why don't people talk about having sacred experiences with psychotropic substances, coming closer to the ultimate, having visions, like so many shamanistic practices do.

Substances done with reverence and care, can enlighten.

Love life and light, Teo Idea Rasta Bounce Cool Cat
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thanks, Teo, and Inda, too....this is so strange as a friend and I were just talking about this...

It is unusual to share with others about natural highs, isn't it? and why???

often when I am hesitant to say something but then later privately mention Being High on Love/Life/Bliss to friends...I see a recognition in almost everyOne's eyes that they too at times know this...

I'm curious, though, is this looking at the world through "rose colored" glasses or through 'eagle clear' true vision??? love, Carolyn
Hi Carolyn,

I find your question interesting. What is a true vision? Does anybody know what a true vision is?

We have the freedom as I see it to interpret the world in different ways, and we can be aware of how a thought makes a such a difference to what is percieved.

As for myself, it is important to not decieve myself, being blind to what is difficult and painful. Trying to be open to what is.

These are just some thoughts that came up in relation to your question. And how nice it is to get high on your own juices.

With Love,


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