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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

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Really beautiful Eric!

Forgive me, he he.. but it reminds me of the old old old days, $10 4 finger "lid" of grass, wasn't the mutant weed they sell today, and us mellow folks would ask each other "You there yet?" "Yea.. I'm there." Just a little memory you triggered.

Eternal thanks for sharing your wonderful poems here! Your sharing IS Givnology! Much love and all the successes you wish, Teo Typing Clap Tweety Vader Colors Rasta Ying Asian

"Truth is fragile, as glass, but it can shine for all time!" - Use Art To Say Something

Mind your wants, because somebody wants your mind! - George Clinton.

Forgive my thinking I have something valuable to say to you, I just love you so much...

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