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Dear friends,

Often I have shared in these discussions that my music is on-line and shared links to it..

The site where it was.. is no more..

Well I guess in a way I am sharing my "creating harmonic rhythmic resolutions" in the techie side of the brain now.. I am truly having fun developing this interactivity - you see I programmed the PORTALS page to align images on the right? Just did that! A new song -- of the internet sharing good vibes type -- not the musical vibes..

I'm starting to change my tune on all that free sharing anyway.. like.. Kynthia my first web client said "If you give it away free you are not valuing it." Sort of true. Anyway I want to make more charts nowadays, get my publishing and music business together, and really be a composer, not someone with half baked samples everywhere, beating myself up trying to perform it all, I would reeeeeally like to have fine music artists perform my music, so perhaps it is better to stop pre-releasing unfinished peaces anyway.. I sold dozens of CDs, but after the 8 years or so my music has been online no one has contacted me for anything Mad

I'm sort of sad about it, but next time I'll do it better - maybe a membership of $10 and people can get tons of my music like before.. eh? Something more equitable anyway!

Love life n light, Teo Wink

You can't force peace, only show it.
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Originally posted by m00nbeast:
I wanna hear some of your music Teo. is tehre anywhere that I can get a sample?

<3 Glenn <3

Oh boy! Try: and try the continuous play channels @ the bottom of the page. Try the "Playable Site Controls" and hey, pleeeease let me know how you like them / how they worked! Thanks!!!!

Love peace and chicken grease, Teo Wink

You can't force peace, only show it.

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