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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

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I am the Lord and Lady
Moon and Sun
Forest Stag
And trickling water
I am the maiden,
the mother,
the crone
the encompassing spirit
Universal power
I am Fire
I am Water
I am Earth
I am Air
Yin and Yang
United and Opposing
About and Within
As One

Applause Applause Applause

Truly beautiful dear Purple Pixi Alanna!

Allow me to comment/digress/be inspired by you...

"I Am." An incredible statement! I was looking into the tetragrammaton which is the roots of "I am that, I am." The Hebrew letters yod hey vey hey (somethink like that) almost look like symbols showing the above and the below. The letters Y H V Y also make it look like a connection with above and below hum?

I once sang it in song a friend wrote. He quickly corrected me--I had run it all together "I am that I am" and he said there is a stop, as in a period. I am that. I am. It feels more natural that way, and he said the other way doesn't make any sense anyway.

But I still love your: "I Sing Therefore I Am" maybe best of all! Kiss 2Hearts Colors

Thank you ever so for sharing your oh so beautiful poems with us at Givnology! It is beautiful BECAUSE it is us, and in this case you share such beauty of your self and we are all reflecting the beauty... THANK YOU!

Love and light being, Teo Do (Re, Mi, Fa, Soul, La....) Typing Book InLove Idea Cloud9 Cloud9

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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The morning sunshine speaks to me in whispers
asking please ..Listen to your heart...

I try but am overwhelmed with the days demands and schedules and avoiding suffering

The morning sunshine speaks to me in warmth
asking please...Feel the energy...

I try but am overwhemled by the minds noise and food and money and survival

The morning sunshine speaks to me for just a moment...Care for yourself

I try and am not overwhelmed, I sit and breathe and write from my truth and share

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