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It is my belief that whereas the twentieth century has been a century of war and untold suffering, the twenty-first century should be one of peace and dialogue. As the continued advances in information technology make our world a truly global village, I believe there will come a time when war and armed conflict will be considered an outdated and obsolete method of settling differences among nations and communities. The nations and peoples of the world will soon realize that dialogue and compromise are the best methods of settling differences for mutual benefit and for the sake of our future and that of our much ravaged and fragile planet...

His Holiness The Dalai Lama
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His Holiness The Dalai Lama:
...the continued advances in information technology make our world a truly global village...

Welcoming all villagers, and other villagers!

Beautiful quote dear Inda! This IS how.

We come together appreciating our similarities instead of our differences. Though your quote mentions the 21st centure, I like to think of the THIRD MILLENNIUM. Surely, if we all survive to 2900 or so, we will be soooo far past the violent solutions completely!

May our future (of course NOW is the "Good old days" he he) be joyful and awaken the potential humans have for peaceful, bountiful coexistance! Amen! Ashé! And so it is!

Love, life and light, Teo Wink

You can't force peace, only show it.
I am soooooo thankful for the global community and our newfound communication technology, but isnt it part of the charm that it introduces MORE differences Big Grin

ok, ok, I know that "differences" equals hostilities in His Holiness The Dalai Lama's quote. i think.

With our new technology we should build a shared vision of what we would like to see in the world. Doesn't sound easy but compromises will be needed.

For one I would like to see all artificial political borders erased and for us all to become ONE united world where we celebrate each others differences, whether it be cultutally, racially, or whatever. I know there are many people against globalism but I only see the danger in the globalization of capitalism, especially while maintaining artificial borders. ALthough I admit that the idea of one world govt. is truely scary, looking at it from the perspective that a one world govt. wont have anyone to go to war with. or will we?

what do you think? Smile

you have the right to remain fabulous - Chief Wiggum

<3 Glenn <3
I am pleased to learn you feel this way.

with a strong united vision of an ideal One World society I think we have a great chance of shaping such a future.

some visions I hold (although how to acheive them I will leave up to God Smile):

no corporate crime intermixed with govt. dealings.

a fair and balanced media with more focus on real news and not what is handed to them from PR people with some corporate agenda. I want to see REAL investigative reporting.

earth-friendly energy policies and production

what else?...

you have the right to remain fabulous - Chief Wiggum

<3 Glenn <3
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I am afraid that 2019 is not starting very peacefully. I also believe that we need to keep our borders so that we do not lose our cultures and history. Our values are different so we still need to protect our borders. Even the Dalai Lama says that Europe should not lose its identity and that migrants need to return home. I am no longer sure what is right except that humans seem to be de-evolving??

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