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Hey friends, and u 2 Teo, Big Grin

how beautiful is this... From the Book, The consciousness of the Atom.

We suppose, and we hope, that we are passing rapidly out of the atomic stage, and that our sphere of influence and interest is not bounded by our atomic wall, but that we are becoming (to use a now familiar term) radioactive. When this is the case we shall not be circumscribed and limited within our own shell, and the narrow confines of our own individual life, but we shall begin to radiate, and to contact other atoms, thus reaching the second stage, the attractive.

Cool, huh?

Make Peace "Attractive" by our own demonstration and others will follow.



The mind is like a parachute, it only functions when it is open.
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Beautiful message .. my mate!

Somehow your better side keeps amazing me, you keep pointing to the best possibility:

Show the path, the truth, the joy, and others will follow. Rather than beating them over the head with the truth.. he he.. yea, that makes for bruises!

I also love how you named this topic, in Espaniole, asking a question of "how" or "que" is the statement in itself.

How much a joy it is to share these dialogs. Thanks Snick!

Lovebeams, Teo Wink

You can't force peace, only show it.

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