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My name is Barbi and I'm new to this forum, but I've known Teo for a while now. He's a member at a pet forum I have and I just love him silly!!! Always spreading love, happiness and harmony -- just my type of friend.

Teo, it's great getting the chance to swing over here -- what a cool site!!

Blessing and love.
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Originally posted by Barbi:

I've known Teo for a while now...

him silly!!!

Hey! Tongue I resemble that remark! RaisedBrows

cain't an old dog learn new tricks?


I know Barbi from her InfoPop forums CuteFamilyPets!

Four Leggeds Welcome! he he.. Cat2

I'm proud to say that Barbi's forums and Givnology are both on the same "server," and we occasionally meet in InfoPop support forums as we continue making our forums fun places for nice people.. and aminals! Tweety chicken Doggy tiger Rat

And since I truly believe that four leggeds run things and we are simply their servants, Barbi and her cute-little-guys forums resore my faith that we two leggeds can use technologies, "the box," to help four leggeds conversate.. in a way.. woof woof! Meow! Chirp! Puuuurrrrr

I think you all should visit her heavenly gift shop GiftBargains4u!

Gift Bargains 4 u (dot com)

Since I "speak" in symbols and ESPECIALLY aminalistic ones, I got so inspired by Barbi's smileys that she is to thank for our healthy smiley population and Barbi did you notice our POSTING ICONS?

Here is a cutey trying to fish, oops! Snagged himself! This is one of the gifts available at

Wishing you every success dear Barbi! May your (and our) servers serve like they are supposed to! he he.. Typing SystemError

And the biggest heartiest WELCOME to Givnology!

2Hearts 2Hearts 2Hearts

Love and light being, Teo Rudolph Elephant Hide Bunny Bunny

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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Welcome dear Barbi to givnology! We certainly love who loves Teo, as we love him "silly" too ...
I have visited your site and it's a beautiful place! Gorgeous pet pictures. I am a cat fan. One day I will introduce my sweet Zelda.
Love, Margherita grabbed this from one of Teo's posts on your site ... haha


I’m open to love,  my heart invites you to dance,  come share my delight

senryu by Margherita

Welcome Barbi! I believe we all love Teo "silly"!!How can you not, he's precious! I am a huge animal lover and am heading to your site right now!
Welcome again,
These are my babies, they took control of the couch!!
Kasey, Kiya and Kody. Kody was a rescue dog, abused and malnutrioned. He is the lover of the bunch, and after such abuse he went through, he still has such a loving trusting heart!



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Oh how precious your kitty's are Margherita!! Hank and I had a cat like Obi, black and white, and of course, Hank being a small child and loving cookies, we had to name her Oreo!! Zelda is gorgeous! I was tossing the idea of getting another kitty, I had to put ours down last year, he had made it to 24 years of age!
Thanks for sharing your pics with us!
Love you,


Teo, it's Barbi. I keep login in, but it doesn't stick. It redirects me to the "Guest Name" although it does accept my login.

If this isn't a site for sore eyes -- what a bunch of beautiful photos. Sandy, your dogs are awesome!!! Makes me wishing I were still featuring pets at CFP on a weekly basis. I just don't have time for that anymore. Obi and Zelda are have beautiful and expressive eyes. I miss having a cat in my life, but my Mom is severely allergic to them. Maybe someday.

I really needed this smile today. Mom had a heart attack 2 weeks ago and she's recovering quite nicely with all our positive energy, but I feel drained lately. Not enough sleep.

Gosh, I have enjoyed seeing these pictures. If you stop by the forum and registered, I would be glad to show them off on the front of my site.
Hi Barbi!
I am sorry to hear of your Mom's heart attack, but glad she is doing well. I will hold her in my prayers for a quick recovery.
I will register on your site soon. I know what it's like to get no sleep, I'm an insomniac!
Yes, Kody is a rescue, and such a treasure! He's a special blessing. My son and I were looking for a Golden to adopt and were having a bit of a hard time. He wanted a male and to rename him Kody. After some time, we found Kody and his name already was Kody! I know he we were all meant to be together, we are all such a good fit! Now with the others, we are one big Happy pack!
He's one of the largest Goldens anyone has ever seen, even my vet! But he's all love! I did some volunteer work for a Golden Rescue for a bit, but stopped working directly with the dogs
as I would cry and my heart would break with seeing the abuse, and how some people just toss their animals when they get older. I wanted to bring them all home with me, and after a bit, my husband was getting upset with me crying and being upset all the time!
So I worked behind the scenes doing fundraisers and getting organizations to donate food.
I do hope you get some sleep. My prayers are with you also along with your Mom.
Sending love,

Here's Kody swimming! It makes me so happy to know he's gone from being caged to quite the happy swimmer! He loves it!



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