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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

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Dear dear Teo, child of March, may you enjoy a wonderful and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Music is your way to be in sinthony with All there is, so Music be it, especially on your Birthday. Let your blessed hands dance on the piano and your beautiful voice accompany the tune. May your creativity reach infinite heights!

And may you feel loved, always.

May you be filled and surrounded with beauty, kindness and joy!

Grateful for you, I send you big hugs and baci.
Loving you,
Margherita 2Hearts Love2 CoolDance Violin Juggle Ladysman Wizard Clap Doggy Dancers Hug

Music making Angel by Melozzo da Forlì (Vatican Museums)

and ...

and ...

and ...

I love those animations and other imagery.

This one is an intense cycle, punctuated by a spectacular eclipse. The tide is high and we're moving on.

When it's low, count on seeing a lot more sandy bottom. Don't try to drop anyone wearing concrete sneakers into Richmond Bay, or sail in there with the tide going out in anything with a keel.

Here's to even keels, better diplomacy, peaceful solutions, maybe an impeachment and a few other birthday wishes that ought to come true if the candles on the cake are the variety you can blow out.

Here it is with the bright side of the moon all newly polished by the full sun. Presumably the red from the last full moon has been bleached out by now, and all in synch with Teo's Birthday. It must be a significant one. The storm over California is breaking up, more slowly than we'd like and with a promise of the threat of mudslides and floods. The traffic is horrendous until eleven a.m. here in the Bay Area. You can't tell me all those cars are filled with people going to work.

Who are all those people?

I suspect if you asked, they would answer with a drawl. If'n they aren't from Nawlins, they could be from Gulfport Miss-sippi.

I wanted to include a sincere wish of my own Teo for a prosperous and fruitful year "sans souci" as they say in Quebec. It seems I heard Jerry Garcia had it over his doorway.

I like Jung's archway which was inscribed (in latin with): "Deus est spera intelligibilis cuius centrum ubique, circumferentia nusquam" attributed to many including William Blake who paraphrased it, St. Augustine, Voltaire - and before any of them uttered it - Hermes Trismagistis a long time ago.

You know what it means. God is a circle whose center is everywhere and whose circumference is nowhere. . .

Cf. (confirmare):"He's a real nowhere man. . .'

On behalf of Hermes T. and all those others, keep it Magic, Teo, and thanks for keeping this cyberthang happening and for all the other good work you do whose circumference is also out there a bit in the unmapped regions of the ether if it can be located at all, and whose center is equally hard to pinpoint. I believe it is right here.

For he's the jolly good fellow!


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