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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

My very best wishes for a wonderful feeling of joy to permeate you on this special day, YOUR BIRTHDAY, dear Teo, Teolove!

Year for year you have been a highly appreciated, cherished friend and I want to thank you once again for being such an enthusiastic presence, full of joy and wisdom and talent! Thank you for sharing your innermost love for life with us, your tunes, your music, your charming flow of words.

Though this Birthday happens to be kind of joint to Easter celebrations, you will still know how to make it a special day, storing within your heart all the sincere and joyous love that will be manifested to you. May you always continue to share your gifts of beauty.

Love and hugs.
Margherita Clap Violin CoolDance Dancers

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Aaaahhhh.... kind...

So kind of all of you!

2Hearts InLove Love2

Though we seem to be shared something taking too much memory.. we are 1.7MB OVER our memory allotment, attachments! I shall have to prune them, maybe even make attachments disabled..

but here your WORDS - no memory, just text! Yay! - YOUR WORDS...

are heavensent, thanks googles you all!

Originally posted by dear Margherita:
May you always continue to share your gifts of beauty.

Yes, I always have to share.. I'm a


The top one (today) is Flower Duet by Leo Delibes, not 'finished,' or perfect, but I looove the song so!

Grumble: I am using an older version of my software, sort of lost all my disk... eep! SystemError I should never have been complaining how I could 'cheat,' I could change notes, fix the sequence.. now I can't! Anyway, I'm just practicing for playing Madison Square Garden anyway hum? he he.. jester Anyway, now I thank you for letting me ... share my greviences! ha ha! Bang Kick Violin meanwhile, I can record/sequence one take, then save, then quit. If I edit, it crashes! Frown so...

son't mind the mistakes huh? tanx!


Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Yum Love2 Yum

Originally posted by dear Margherita:
...ok small pics, dear Teo...
Aaah No!

The pics can be large, especially if it is goodies!

LINKED PICTURES are more than fine!!! Yes Angel

I think the reason I can't setup my email in NetScrape is that Givnology is over the memory allotment.. mainly due to large ATTACHMENTS.. sounds like a Buddhist think, hum? he he.. Asian chicken I'm not sure how I'll trim attachments.. or make them a limit of 30k or something... at the bottom of this, yes, attachment, we are almost 2MB over!


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Last edited by Teo
since I am ... SHARING MY LOAD ... Here is another image... see the 39 pages at the bottom?

Here is the Moderation Cue, there are 39 full pages of nonsense guest posts... Believe it or not, in case one guest post is VALID and caring, I'll check them first and approve reasonable ones, then I'll delete the dummies.. and today I'll time myself, let's see how much wasted time this is...

Givnology is a labor of love though.. no prob!


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I'll go with the way of non-attachment for this Birthday wish and keep it to words.

Happy Birthday Teo!

The completion of another cycle is always a cause to celebrate - today was rather festive for me as it happened with spring in the air and a friend to visit across the bay which was a reason to take the ferry into SF. Now that I know what the occasion was - I figure I'll celebrate a little more now that I'm back home.

Here's to many more happy years to come.


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