Gone for a little while

Heat wave in Canada? This amazes me really. We also have had the first really hot day yesterday.

How gorgeous the pictures you posted of peonies, one of my very favorite flowers. Totally awesome.

Want to find one too ...

Love and hugs to all of you my friends. It's a busy time here, it's always a joy to peek in here on this beautiful site and meet you again, my friends.


Please click here to see this one, breathtaking!:
Pink Peony
Dear margherita, it is so wonderful to connect with you again.
Thank you so much for the beautiful peonie.

Sending lots of love,


The peonies are almost gone, but there are still a few blooms left to enjoy.

The roses are now all in bloom

It is such a joy to see you back dear Margherita. Thank you for the wonderful peonie images. The big peonie is magical.
Keep well and visit us again when you have time.

Vicky 2Hearts

The roses are in full bloom now, so I am sending you a beautiful rose.

Dear Margherita, it is such a nice surprise to see you back on Givnology. We have all missed you.
I love the beautiful peonie images that you have posted. The big one is magnificent.

Our peonies have all gone with the heat, but as Inda said, the roses are all started to bloom, so enjoy them.


Dear girlfriends, these peonies and roses you posted really continue to inspire. I feel I need to express my wonder in a haiku. Let's see what comes out:

Rose petals convey

Nature's infinite beauty

stirring sighs of awe

I am happy to be here too.

Love and hugs.
Margherita 2Hearts

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