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Geesese (the language) or Geese ease (the feeling) or Geesies, our dear friends!

I, Arty, the artministrator of this treehouse, have added the HELP selection to the controls (cartooch). This replaced the Cookie Monster that was needed for some people to fix their kookies, I mean cookies!

What is coming up soon, though, is very much more interesting and fun... Yes Yes Yes

I will be explaining in totally simple terms that any dunce can understand (not referring to present company, I think.. RaisedBrows), How to:

  1. Put images under text.

  2. Include sounds or songs.

  3. Set time and URL for the post to take the user to another page or post.
All three of which, will be giving you more power than you may be able to safely handle...
Text over images is ALWAYS a problem, with colors that are a) legible and b) esthetically pleasing. Automatic sounds and songs is giving you a weapon that we sincerely hope won't get people in trouble with unwanted noises or make web browsers try and install Apple Quirktime Plug-In #321 requiring contract agreements and memory upgrades. Teaching you how to make pages automatically open other pages is like inviting Godzilla to lunch in downtown and getting the creature stumblingly drunk. Aaah

This is the plan. In the immediate future, the HELP option is being rolled-out in a software deployment standardization project to ensure enabling of: Log-in issue resolvement, UBB and HTML posting options in our Groupee hosted discussion forum platform. Once this phase of the operation is complete, we will volunteer the rest of you to experiment with the full power of internet multimedia creation: web pages with images behind text, sounds/music/speech, and one page to another page transitions.

May it all be effortless and in joyful peace.

As an example, here is the code that makes the sound P9242785.WAV play. First I attached the sound file, then reviewed the post and copied the link to the attached file, then edited the post to have:

<bgsound src= autostart=true loop=2>

May it all work. Wow it does! Amen & Awomen.


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I found some great animated backgrounds, loud enough to completely bedazzle folks, though from what some of you said, you are already bedazzled enough.. Nut SystemError

They are from a neato gallery here:

Which, when we set up instruction to put text below images, you know, one of Arty's (insane!) ideas, we RaisedBrows ll, maybe we'll point people to this site - it seems designed with this kind of thing in mind, I mean... encouraging downloading their graphics! They are about as nuts as us! jester Brain Fan Colors

This post is sort of a sample, and test, of the whole text over graphics idea. Maybe it is a good idea after all, hum? Click the quote icon to see how it is done RaisedBrows

Love and lightness, Teo Ladysman

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs


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