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Thank you Teo.

This is a very beautiful ballet and fabulous music.
I love every minute of it.
Thank you Teo.

This is really beautiful, both the dancing and the music. Thank you for sharing.

Vicky 2Hearts
Thank you for this wonderful post Teo.

I love Franz Liszt, and I always enjoyed Rudolf Nureyev and Margot Fonteyn. Sadly I never saw them in person. I did see the movie "I am a Dancer," and many episodes on TV.

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Thank you for sharing this video Teo.

I was very fortunate to have seen Rudolf Nureyev dance in person.
He had a tremendous amount of charisma, and all his movements, even the position of his head, were perfectly executed.I have never enjoyed another dancer as much as Nureyev. Sadly, I never saw Margot Fonteyn in person.

Lang Lang is going to be here in Toronto on September 21, 2013.

I have my tickets. He always has a wonderful, totally enjoyable performance.

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I have seen Nureyev in person quite a few times, and he was amazing. Sadly, I never saw Marot Fontein or this very famous ballet.

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