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Originally posted by Lynette:

Have you been in a fire
that burns away all your issues of pride
until only your soul remains
and you realize
you are proud of yourself?

Have you been in a fire
that burns away all your dreams
until only your soul remains
and you realize
you cannot stop dreaming?

Have you been in a fire
that burns away everything you loved
until only your soul remains
and you realize
you still love?

Have you been in a fire
that burns away your soul
until nothing remains
amd you realize
you are burning?

Have you been in the fire
of your own soul
until everything you touch burns
and you realize
it cannot be extinguished?

If you have
you have found your dream.


Wow. Hot stuff. Scorching! Fire

Lynette, are you a fire sign?

This topic brings up so many ideas in my little fire-sign head.. RaisedBrows I think I've been on fire for years now.. and some people fan the flames!!! he he.. Mad DevilTail Red Face

I have a theory, that "the soul" doesn't mind what we call pain. It is just experience to it. Of course we aren't at all amuzed by it. But like pottery needs to be kilned, and steel needs to be tempered, we often find ourselves trying to see past the flames... Tiki

Now that you remind me dear Lynettengale, I used to be a pyromaniac. I let my water signs take over a little more and now I'm just steamy.. he he.. Eek Eek Eek

I like to meditate and stare into a fire or flame. I remember one of my favorite prayers I made was "Burning away ignorance..." ... I'll find my Agni image and info later.. nuff said..

Love and bright burning light being, Teo Fire Fire

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Last edited by Teo
It is a beautiful poem. That said, allow me to digress (what fun!).

Lynette, you know, one of the big differences between cultures is Burners / Burryers. If the soul is.. let's say, sort of around, for a while, like some say a year after the body ain't breathin' (1 year after my Jewish step-mom passed there was a second type of sending off), well, would that soul part mind the body being burnt? Since (both types!) Indians are generally Burners and I assume they might know.. I guess it wouldn't mind..?? Whacha tinx???

On another 'tip' or thought: The word "pyramid" I believe boils down to "fire in the middle!" Aaannnd... in the heart chakra is a pyramid - in many writings one pointing up, one down, making the "Star of David." There is another one in the root chakra -- these are all just thinks I've read, well, a pyramid is a certain shape, but why would it get the name of "Fire in the middle?" just another tot..

I wrote a song I'll find and share with you Lynette, called "I Got Too Close" and the chorus is "I got too close, now I'm burning up in your flame." It talks about "there were sparks in our eyes" and such.. well, sorry for going on and on and on but the old pyro in me got some fuel and ... ?? Thanks for the insPYREation! he he..

Love and light being, Teo Tiki Tiki

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

Thank you Inda. You are too kind.

Sweet Tala, thank You for always sending encouraging thoughts. I can see why Margherita is so fond of you.

Teo my friend, let's talk...I have two types of Native blood running through my veins--Cherokee and Lakota. My ancestors believed that only by burning the body can the Spirit be released. So if they were right, (and since it was their belief, they were right) the Soul doesn't mind if the body is burned. After all, what is the body? It is simply the clothing that is worn by the soul as it travels its earthly path.

I wish I could go on and on, but there are pressing matters that need my attention. So until we meet again on this sacred ground, I bid you goodbye, Sweet Prince.

I will see you all in a few days. Oh and Teo, I would love to see the words to "I Got Too Close."

Last edited by Lynette

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