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Scientists in the Netherlands have discovered a fungus that exists in elephant dung that will help them to break down fibres and wood into biofuel.

Bioethanol firms currently extract sugars from crops such as grains and sugar beet, but some are develpoing technologies to extract energy from fibre such as wheat bran, straw or wood.

Scientists working for Royal Nedalco, the Delft University of Technology and a firm called Bird Engineering have found a fungus in elephant dung that helped them produce a yeast which can efficiently ferment wood sugars.

Production based on the new method can start as early as 2009, though it will take longer for most of the new feedstocks to become commercially available.

For wheat residues we cab be cost competitive in about 5 years, but converting wood int ethanol will take a bit longer.
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This is good.
Thank you for posting the information. Elephant

"We really see this as a technical breakthrough," business development manager Mark Woldberg from Royal Nedalco, a Dutch alcohol maker, told a biofuels conference recently.

I love elephants, they have always served man and continue to do so. Elephant

Sue Cat Cat2 Elephant
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The same process is used in Asia now.

Paper is made in Thailand at the Maetang Elephant Park. The Saa bark and elephant dung are boiled separately to break down the fibers. Then they are couched together to bind the fibers. The fibers are placed in a vat to be hand dipped. The process is unique making the textured paper great for many art forms.A percentage of the sale of this unique paper helps save the Asian elephant from extinction.

It is also made in India and other Asian countries.

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