Does anyone think this guy makes any sense.

Enlightenment of Tathagata

He says hes got the third eye, the eye of wisdom.. and his picture shows a lump on his forehead..

I've seen lots of people who claim to have enlightenment,, but when you visit their website their main aim is to sell you some book or course.. Buddha didn't sell his teaching did he ?

So at least I thought I'd read what the guy had to say, as he isn't selling anything, and also he will answer peoples questions, and has lots of them on his site.

Some of the things he says makes sense..and I especailly like his teaching "what is karma" and "what is life", lots of it rings true to me.

Does anyone else think he is Enlightened or is he just another fake ?
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Thank you for sharing this website.
I will have to think about this before I have a true answer to your question.

Buddha said:

Your own practice can show you the truth. Your own experience is all that counts.


Dear enlightenment,

Thank you for sharing this material on Givnology.
Like yoko, I need to think about this for a while. It almost seems too good to be true, but strange things do happen.


Do not blindly believe what others say, even the Buddha. See for yourself what brings contentment, clarity and peace. That is the path for you to follow.

Buddhist wisdom Idea
Originally posted by dear enlightenment:
Does anyone think this guy makes any sense.


Some of the things he says makes sense..and I especailly like his teaching "what is karma" and "what is life", lots of it rings true to me.

Does anyone else think he is Enlightened or is he just another fake ?
Hello and welcome Enlightenment!!!

I suppose you answered your own question? And "some of the things" as all one should ask for being perfect hum? I don't know, just giving you my answer about Tathagata.

On-line I've seen everything from angels to aliens, and most seem genuine and friendly! Hug Angel Area52

Does this mean to send him 29.95 for love beads? Maybe. Maybe not. Ask your inner self maybe. Ask others. And this is my point...

Thanks for asking!

Hoping 2 c u more! sweety Yes Asian

Hey, it's getting sort of light in here! Oh, it's enlightenment! Enlightenment. he he.. Colors Wave2

Love and enlightenment, Teo egypt Einstein Fan Dancers Doggy CoolDance CoolDance

Have the heart of a gypsy, and the dedication of a soldier -Beethoven in Beethoven Lives Upstairs

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The word "Tathagata" according to Dhiravamsa (a living Buddha) is defined as meaning "one who points out the way." In a lecture that I recall in Oberlin's Buddhist Meditation project the central point was that we have to find our own way to our own path. The Buddha can only point out the way. The Buddha was a prince. He would have had no venal motivations to publish or perish.

The Buddha cannot give us enlightenment, he can only point to the way. The actual treading of the path, we have to do ourselves and with our own insight and awareness, or lack of it.

It does however help to have someone around who is familiar with the way who can guide us, but we should nonetheless remember that in the final analysis we come and go in and out of our earthly existence unguided. Life is not a guided tour for every minute of our passage through it.

You may cross the River Jordan. You have to cross it for yourself.


PS: I still have to get to Berkeley to check the box. Will do so before next year, I expect. That, you shouldn't be expected to do for yourself. . .
We do know both the way to San Jose and to Berkeley.


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Forgive the graphic image. There is much debate about whether this fellow found his place of rest on the way up Everest or down it.

I'd give odds George Mallory was on his way up. Others think more wishfully than I do and want to believe he had summited and was on his way down.

For his his remark about "because it's there" - we should remind ourselves that "getting there is half the fun!"


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