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May you find yourself in the world…and may you enjoy the company!

Does your heart ever dance?
For the beauty of Life?
Does it take joyful leaps
out of its own tranquil pace?
Playfully like a dolphin
jumping out of the water
to touch the sky?
Do you ever raise your arms
to embrace the sun
when it kisses you at dawn?
And do you ever hear
the Angels sing
when it waves good-bye
from the golden horizon?

Do you ever sigh
when the stars come out
and the moon shines bright?
Does it ever take
your breath away
when you read the stories
written in children’s eyes?
Do you let your tears flow
when you behold sadness
and the world’s sorrow
hits your self-control?
Do you ever fall on your knees
in sheer despair and pain
when injustice is perpetrated
against humanity?

Our souls are equipped
to express all these emotions
so that we may praise
Our Lord of Heavens
for all the Beauty He
planted in this world
and in our hearts.
So that we may work with Him
hand in hand, all together
to restore peace and harmony,
to soothe those who hurt,
to let compassion flow
from the spring of our hearts
for a better tomorrow.

Let’s look around and see
how many souls are waiting
just for you and me
to share our joy and love
with a smile and a hug.

Does your heart ever dance?
Do you ever hear the Angels sing?
Come, let’s spread our wings
and fly high on the waves
of the emotions of our hearts.
They are a blessing Divine
for our souls meant to shine.

Love, Margherita
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"Let's spread our wings!" Yes!!!

Amen amen amen dear dpm!

This is so uplifting and enlightening! Abducted

Thanks Dancing Pearly Margherita, you are an angel! Applause Angel

Quantum healing lovelightbeams 2 u all, Teo Animated1 Animated1 Bounce Typing Colors Angel2 Tweety Cat2 Viking sweety Wink Wink

"Truth is fragile, as glass, but it can shine for all time!" - Use Art To Say Something

Mind your wants, because somebody wants your mind! - George Clinton.

Forgive my thinking I have something valuable to say to you, I just love you so much...

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